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    Mining and metal production, power generation, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals – all these industries work with highly complex plants. Voith has been a part of this work as a manufacturer and service provider for more than 150 years.

    Our service for mining and metal production covers all components between the driver and the driven machine. From belt conveyors, armored-face conveyors, mills, presses, shredders, crushers or rolling mills to blowers, fans and generators. Voith is your skilled service partner. We offer customized service packages and a high degree of know-how and reliability.

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      Every day holds new challenges and we help you master them successfully. Anytime. Anywhere. Please click on the icon to find out more about our mining and metals services.

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      Voith services all brands

      Furthermore, our trained technicians are skilled in the servicing of other manufacturer brands.

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      Excellent service for systems and components

      Our Service – Part of Your Business.
      Our Service – Part of Your Business.

      Every day holds new challenges. We help you master them successfully. Anytime. Anywhere.

      Voith Service Power Transmission

      Health Check in focus

        In order to extend the health of your machine and extend the lifespan, we recommend a Voith Health Check. Health Check identifies the direct and surrounding transmission risk factors in your drive train starting from a power range of 250 kW, independent of manufacturer or brand.

        Importantly, Health Check is:

        • Fast
        • Cost-effective
        • A qualified assessment
        • Conducted during operation and/or at standstill

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        OnCare.Health ACIDA

          Offering a full line of field services, engineering solutions and custom-designed monitoring equipment for stand-alone machines and complete plants using complicated processes, OnCare.Health ACIDA.

          Benefit from:

          • Ideal maintenance strategies
          • Drive train optimization
          • Increased plant availability and processes control

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          OnCare.Health ACIDA

          Success stories


            OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate - Onboard intelligence for DIWA

            OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is a software configuration upgrade for your DIWA transmission. This helps you to reduce fuel consumption without the need for a special driver training. Unlike todays configuration that gives the driver full control over the maximum power of the bus. OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is dynamically limiting the maximal admissible engine torque depending on the actual surrounding parameters.
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            Gas plant with a solution after a crash

            Quick facts: A creative and quick solution after a crash

            A gas explosion severely damaged a gearbox causing a production standstill. This resulted in production costs of 500k € per day. Various parts the client had on order were used for the re-build, others were re-machined where possible. A gear unit from another plant in the UK was shipped to Germany, as gearing was needed. An exhibition model was secured to provide the housing and planet carrier.

            Result: Within 14 days of the incident, production was running and a new gear unit was purchased soon thereafter.
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            Power plant with component overhaul

            Quick facts: Component overhaul in the power plant

            An Indian combined-cycle power plant operator couldn’t operate one of the gas turbines, as there were heavy vibrations. This two-year problem was solved within five days, with the assistance of Voith Sweden.

            The gearbox protection unit, a SafeSet coupling, experienced bearing holder damage. This was a result of overheating and not being serviced for a ten-year period. Resolving the problem entailed the calibration of the friction surface, refilling and the reassembly of the SafeSet. The testing result after the reinstallation: no more vibrations in the gas turbine.
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            Achieving conveyor operational stability

            Quick facts: Achieving conveyor operational stability while improving performance

            When each hour of downtime equates to 1.3 million USD of material that can’t be loaded or unloaded onto or off a ship loading conveyor belt operating 24/7, expert advice is needed. Voith recommended fill-controlled couplings. However, the client preferred a solution with constant-filled couplings. In order to facilitate this, simulation studies with TurboSim software were conducted. The result, delivery and installation was flawlessly achieved and additional emergency couplings were ordered. Status to date, no unplanned operational interruptions have been experienced.
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            As a service manager in Australia, three items are critical: listening to the customer, being flexible, and always giving my all in my work.
            Gurpreet Kooner, Service Manager at Voith in Australia
            Service manager from Voith in Australia

            We go the extra mile for our customers

              Our service teams are everywhere in the world – at extremely high altitudes, far underground, on the high seas, in deserts, and in jungles. No matter where your system is, we're ready to tackle anything for you and always give it our best.

              850 m underground: Platinum mines in Rustenberg, South Africa
              3000 m above sea level: Gas-fired power plant in Quito, Ecuador
              100 percent humidity: Petrochemical complex in Rayong, Thailand
              50 °C in the shade: Gas and oil separation plant in In Salah, Algeria

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