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Voith services all brands

    With more than 20 years of experience in the servicing of other brands, we have earned our customer’s trust.

    Starting with conventional spare-parts delivery, our Voith Service also includes engineering support for problems, replacement, retrofit, performance improvement and, of course, maintenance, repairs and overhauls of equipment.

    Besides pure engineering, our portfolio also includes calculations, consulting services and turn-key solutions.


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      Retrofit & project management service


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      Especially when gearboxes are no longer supported by the OEM or when reaction time and expertise are inadequate, service providers and end users are turning to Voith. Many times we have proven that we can satisfy customer’s expectations.
      Richard Stapleton, Technical Support Manager at Voith, United Kingdom

      Service highlights

        Quick help with a new gear set

        In Russia, a chemical company was confronted by a problem and the Japanese original manufacturer could not provide any help following gearbox damage in a compressor line. The Voith Service team became a reliable and experienced partner for the customer, from troubleshooting and finding a solution up to a quick return shipment.
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        Replacement with a Voith safety coupling

        Any unscheduled downtime subtracts from the profit margin of a plant operator. This is even more aggravating if it happens time and again because a torque limiting coupling is not operating in an iron ore crusher and the system is supposed to operate around the clock. With its team of experts, Voith delivered a ‘Plug & Play’ substitute solution and supported the client’s alternative product solutions.
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        Steady production operation

        If the problems at a loading and unloading station in a belt conveyor have lasted for years, every hour of outage equates to a material cost of over US$1 million. After five years, this client has decided to turn its back on the original supplier and choose the Voith solution. The result has been trouble-free operation of the belt conveyor ever since.
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        Vibration problem solved

        Small components that do not cost much can have massive effects on production-critical drive lines and can shut down entire plants. Together with the system designer of the compressor line, the operator of an FPSO vessel was confronted with severe vibrations coming from air turbulence during commissioning. The key to solving this problem was found by replacing the disk couplings with the BHS diaphragm couplings from Voith.
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        Supporting all brands

        Large independent service providers are often specialized on large units for input or output drives. The deep technical knowledge on smaller machinery or components is often lacking. With significant help from Voith, a large service provider was able to overhaul equipment not manufactured by Voith comprising of gear units and torque converters in Mexico. This client was also able to quote and implement a service package for all the gas turbine lines for the end customer.
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        Products and manufacturers

          Turbo gear units

          • Flender
          • Lufkin
          • Renk
          • Allen Gears,
          • David Brown
          • Hitachi

          • Eisenbeiss GmbH
          • Ernst Schad GmbH
          • Formosa Heavy Industries
          • Hüber
          • Kissling
          • Milwaukee Gear

          • Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox
          • Shanthi Gears
          • Seisa, Triveni
          • Western Gear
          • etc.

          Hydrodynamic couplings and drives

          • BPEG
          • Becker Mining Systems
          • Schaeffler
          • Ebara
          • Fluidrive
          • Pembril Fluid Coupling
          • CST Lido
          • Fluidomat

          • Howden
          • Flender
          • Koenig
          • Renk
          • Gyrol
          • Henfel
          • Nara
          • Nertec

          • Hitachi
          • Clark
          • Twin Disc
          • Allison
          • Mitsubishi
          • Zamech
          • etc.

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