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Voith Robotics

We offer 360° robotic solutions

Voith Robotics is a joint venture between Voith, a technology leader in industrial markets, and Franka Emika.

We offer state-of-the-art lightweight robot technology paired with the assets and domain know-how of Voith. With our global scale and industry knowledge, we offer a comprehensive system to maximize the usage of robotic products for industries like logistics, healthcare, consumer electronics and more.

Our teams of robotic and automation specialists advise our clients right from the beginning: We analyze their needs and develop tailor-made robotic solutions to leverage performance and processes. Our scope includes the development of specialized software solutions, apps and features for the whole life-cycle of the lightweight robots.

Our design thinkers, entrepreneurs and engineers develop completely new approaches for tasks to optimize the workflow for our clients. Please take a look at the Voith Innovation Lab in Berlin to get a sense of our approach and mindset.

Meet Panda
Hello, my name is Panda!

You may have heard of me. I am Panda, an intelligent, 18 kg light factory assistant robot, also called Cobot or lightweight robot by some. My mission: smart automation in partnership with people. My role model: the fascinating agility of humans and their extraordinary sense of touch. The renowned Time Magazine calls me the "revolutionary robot arm" and recently included me on its cover. I'm changing the world by making robotics extremely affordable for large and small businesses. And another good news: I can be with you within 6 days and play a leading role in your automation process within minutes. Best of all, I'm as easy to use as a smartphone. Teach me everything I need with apps - no programming skills required.

Unique for a Factory Assistant robot

You simply operate me like a smartphone. Using different apps, you can train different movement sequences in a few minutes or guide me directly by hand. A real revolution that earned me many prizes. Engineering artistry. Made in Germany. Sensitive, agile, affordable even for smaller companies. By the way: I'm ready to go in just six days from your order. Simply unpack and connect.

Designed and developed by Franka Emika GmbH in Munich and produced in Germany. Distributed and custom-tailored around the world by Voith Robotics.

The Panda robot has human-like capabilities and high-resolution sensitivity in all seven joints for robust assembly. It offers high-performance operation and can provide a complete workspace covering kinematics and excellent precision.

The Panda can be programmed within minutes. It has competitively low hardware, software and integration costs.

Product specification

  • ARM: The arm is inspired by the agility, dexterity and sensitivity of the human arm.
  • PILOT: Pilot is the direct user interface and provides quick-buttons to customize the apps and to execute their features.
  • CONTROL: The slim 19″ control unit can be mounted in server racks or placed elsewhere.
  • HAND: The hand can grasp firmly and quickly for high-performance manipulation.

Panda in motion

App Packages

With our Panda we deliver CE out of the box solutions that are ready to use for certain application scenarios. Once you have answered all questions on the enclosed CE check list with ‘yes’, you can start using Panda straight away without the need to carry out an additional risk assessment. Check the following App Packages for your applications.

PCB Testing

Automate the procedure for chip quality control, a critical part of your production process. The testing device as well as the chips being tested will be handled delicately by our robot Panda and thanks to the Apps of this bundle, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of this solution. Set up and adapt your PCB testing procedure in a matter of minutes and achieve a reliable automated quality control process while keeping testing time to a minimum.


Packing all elements of your final product in the box that the customer will receive presents some technical challenges. Thanks to Panda’s sensitivity and the Apps from this bundle, you can easily set up a reliable automated process to achieve precise placement of the components into their respective box compartments, as well as successful closing of the box. Conveniently automate the task using these Apps, which include the possibility to control suction and delicately pick the components with a dedicated end effector.

Chip Testing

Quality control of chips represents a critical part of the production process. Handling the smallest and most delicate chips requires the use of vacuum suction and subsequent delicate insertion into the testing device. The Apps from this bundle were designed and developed to tackle these specific challenges. The Apps offer the possibility to easily set up communication with the testing device and to control suction with a dedicated end effector. In this way you can easily achieve a reliable automated quality control process while maximizing test coverage.

Boxes Into Box

Packing the final packages together in bigger boxes represents the very last step before products are shipped out to reach resellers or customers. The Apps from this bundle were tailored to this specific use case. They make the best use of Panda’s ability to detect contacts and modulate its compliance, since interaction forces are monitored and the packing strategy is adapted accordingly, in contrast to costly and less effective precise positioning.

Touchscreen Device Testing

Carry out a reliable end-of-line quality control procedure to test any type of touchscreen displays with our sensitive robot Panda. Use the Apps from this bundle to delicately handle the touchscreens - with no marks left or damage caused - and ultimately provide a flawless product to the consumer. With these Apps, tailored to this specific application, automated testing procedures can be set up and adapted to different touchscreen displays in no time.

Starter Package

Ideal for handling a variety of applications in the most dynamic production environments or for evaluation purposes, this bundle features the essential Apps necessary for automating your first tasks.

Global availability

Meet us

Our international team is happy to discuss how our robotic solutions can help your business progress. Are you looking into customized apps and systems tailored to your needs? Do you want to see how the Panda can leverage your processes? Meet our engineers and great minds at one of our exhibitions and events or get in touch with us directly.

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