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Voith Robotics

We offer complete robotic system integration

Ready to go: The new generation of smart automation. With Voith Robotics.

    The robotics industry still knows only one direction - uphill. Robots perform ergonomically demanding and one-sided tasks, and collaborative machines continue to make their way into industry. They become factory assistants in modern production.

    Our passion: people, robots and excellence

    The world of work in the digital age offers new opportunities. We want to make these opportunities available to people in all industries and working environments. This is the basis for our passion at Voith Robotics. The fun of technological change drives us daily in the development of our unique product innovations.

    Our experience: deep know-how of various business fields

    With Voith in our back, we can lean on more than 150 years of inspiring technology for generations and more than 19.000 people in over 60 countries around the world. Thanks to the experience of our Voith colleagues in various business fields and 4.0 technologies, Voith Robotics is uniquely qualified to support customers operating in similar industries. Our customers can benefit from the shared know-how and Voith’s award winning factory automation experience, proven by leading industry awards:

    Our focus: becoming better every day

    OPEX (Operations Excellence) is a systematic way to reduce waste in the production and logistic environment and the whole supply chain. Our vision of Excellence is as follows: "Voith’s Excellence culture ensures world-class, customer-centered, and value-adding processes through a truly engaged workforce." In other words: excellence and optimization of all production processes is an integral part of our culture and we apply this mindset to all our customer projects. Continuous improvement is an integral part of the daily work of all Voithians. In all functions, at all locations, in all regions to deliver our customers the best solutions.

    What does your robotic solution look like? Let's find out!

    How does robotic system integration help you?

      As specialist for system integration, we analyze your robotic system needs, provide a plan for automation, calculate the return on investment and finally put the automation into production. Afterwards we are always there for you for further support.

      That's what we're gonna do:

      1. Analyze your current production process and future vision
      2. Identify application needs and support with the correct PLCs, cameras, feeder, sensors and robotic arms
      3. Analyze the return on investment and challenge the assumptions
      4. Integrate existing components and systems
      5. Put together the project specific robotic cell with best of breed components
      6. Support in terms of programming, operation and training
      7. Integrate the robotic system into your factory setting
      8. Further support after the system integration

      What can we do for your industry?

        Even today, robotics remains a technology accessible only to few. In production processes just limited tasks can be automated. The reasons for this are the high costs and the difficult programming. So how can this complex technology be made accessible to the general population and production? We show you the answer!

        Metals & Machining

        As a metalworking or machining company, you can use robots to automate various processes in production, pick and place, machine tending as well as stupide, repetitive and manual tasks. Cobots and lightweight robots can score points with their sensors and their sensitivity when integrated into precision mechanical processes, where careful, precise gripping and inserting of parts is essential.


        In the manufacture of components, chips and electronic devices of all kinds, robots offer many applications for automating production and testing processes. The enormous precision and very high sensitivity make cobots and lightweight robots the ideal partner for handling highly sensitive electronical components and semiconductors. We develop solutions exactly tailored to your needs, e.g. to stamp, press or assemble parts in component assembly. A robot can then reliably and carefully perform processes during the final inspection of chips or touchscreens. And when it comes to final packaging and palletizing, a flexible robot arm once again reliably proves its special class.

        Our Service – Part of Your Business

          Production line analysis and optimization recommendations

          Focusing on Metals & Machining and Electronic Industry, we understand your production process and are uniquely positioned to advice on improvement potential with the help of Cobots and lightweight robots. Our experts review your process and propose solutions for the use cases with the best Return on Investment (ROI).


          Design and implementation of your complete solution

          Our experienced team of automation and robotic experts will design and implement your solution from start to end. Leveraging the experience from Voith internal automation projects as well as customer projects, the team will deliver on time and in budget.

          Questions for an expert? Submit your question here and get a response within 48 hours.

          Your 24/5 customer service. There for you worldwide.

          Do you have any questions about our solutions? Benefit as a Voith Robotics customer worldwide from our 24/5 customer service. You can reach us day and night by e-mail and telephone. We look forward to your e-mail or phone call.
          Phone: +49 7321 37 3000

          Contact us
          Video Remote Service

          With our OnCall video service we offer our customers a live connection between onsite observer and remote experts. You have a problem with your robot? Just give us a call and with the help of HD video our experts can support via multiple devices in no time. Your benefits with OnCall:
          + Improved response & reduced time to resolution
          + Improved access to experts
          + Reduced travel time & expenses
          + Multiple global experts access possible
          + Off-line review of session possible, e.g. for training

          Let us talk!

            Are you looking for tailor-made smart robot systems and solutions that are exactly tailored to your company's needs? How can a robot optimize your daily processes? Just get in touch with us. Our international experts in Germany and China will be happy to help you.

            Come over for a cup of coffee

            Are you interested in our robotics solutions? Get a personal impression. We look forward to meeting you at one of our locations.

            Voith Robotics

            Location Germany

            Schleißheimer Straße 101 85748 Garching, Germany


            t +49 89 3200 1600

            Voith Robotics

            Location Germany

            St. Pöltener Straße 43 89522 Heidenheim, Germany


            t +49 89 3200 1600

            Voith Robotics

            Location China

            199 ChenFeng Rd. Kunshan Hi-Tech Industrial Development Park 215300 Kunshan, JiangSu, China


            t +49 7321 37 9990

            Get in touch

              We are happy to talk to you! Please send us a message with your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.

              Our strong network

                We are proud to be accompanied by strong partners and to cooperate closely with Voith. Together, we pursue the vision of establishing modern lightweight robots, as self-evident, cost-efficient multifunctional tools for industry 4.0.

                In addition, new products and solutions can be realized in the Voith Innovation Lab. Our consultants, experienced designers, software developers and engineers work together with customers and end users to develop completely new services, products, workflows and automation solutions - individually for your business or as a scalable joint product. Using modern, agile methods such as design sprints, we drive the entire innovation process forward in the lab. In just a few days, we can transform your initial thoughts and ideas into a prototype that can be tested, proven and further developed.

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