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With Voith Robotics, you not only have a reliable expert for your automation project, we also supply turnkey solutions. These include hardware components such as feeding systems including robot arms for production machines, and intelligent software to make production companies fit for the future.

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Automatic machine loading

    Maximum quantity with minimum use of resources

    Our automatic machine loading solution consists of a mobile table with a robot arm and ensures a 24/7 loading of a machine without personnel. A theater is used to supply and remove the needed parts by the robot arm. Depending on the customer needs, the system can be implemented with an UR10e, UR5e or UR16e. Also the feed including magazine holder can be designed flexibly. Please contact us for an individual offer and have a look at the product sheet for all details.

    Turnkey systems

      Voith Robotics powered by pi4 offers you complete systems for your production. The ready to use solutions can be applied immediately in many industries and branches. Our portfolio ranges from feeding systems to palletizing and test robots.


      In order to meet the current demand for masks, our partner pi4 has developed a fully automated production line for medical face masks according to DIN EN 14683. This enables the local production of up to 50 masks per minute. Learn more regarding the specifications and requirements in the product sheet or watch the video to see the production line in action.
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      Robofeeder RF MC

      This system combines capabilities of separation, sorting and quality inspection of parts in one compact machine.
      • Independent provision of parts for several hours
      • Separation of parts by oscillating movement
      • Inspection of user-defined features with camera systems
      • Feeding of good parts, individually or as an assortment
      Read more in the product sheet

      Precise placement of THT

      The THT-Placer combines in one compact machine the ability to separate and quality check connection pins for precise placement.
      • Mounting THT on electronic circuit boards
      • Automatic removal of components from a magazine
      • Optional feeding of bulk material
      • Automatic placement of components on the circuit board
      • Inspection of the component contact pins by camera before insertion
      All information can be found in the product sheet


      The palletizing robot is a compact handling system to provide large and heavy as well as small and very light parts into pallets or boxes.
      • Short cycle time
      • Container and pallet types freely selectable
      • Layer patterns freely selectable by the operator
      • Product size freely adjustable within the maximum dimensions
      • Stacking with different layer patterns possible
      • Comfortable operation with clear, structured operator guidance
      • Remote maintenance via Internet
      Read all details in the product sheet


      This is a robot handling system for automatic testing of electronic assemblies with optimal comfortable accessibility due to a safety concept without safety fencing.
      • Open system concept
      • Quick and safe test system connecting and disconnecting
      • Parallel testing of different types of circuit boards
      • Monitoring of all contact forces by force sensor
      • Integration of the test system, manual and automatic testing possible
      • Safety concept with optical safety fence / light curtain
      Find all information in the product sheet


      The Workerbotkiosk is a fully automated shop in the format of a kiosk. Nobody works in the store, but just a robot.
      • Operation in all languages
      • Automated payment process
      • Prevention of vandalism by cameras
      • Lower transport and packaging costs
      • Inventory management with e-commerce data
      • New services such as 3D printing possible
      • 24/7 operation without personnel costs
      Read more in the product sheet


      Digital Readiness, Ideation, Velocity and Engagement

      In addition to our hardware products, we offer the e-learning platform DRIVE, the appropriate learning program to improve the digital know-how of your employees in a targeted manner. On one hand we offer you state-of-the-art products and systems for your production and on the other hand we supply the digital toolset to make your employees fit for the factory of the future.

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      How does the digital transformation affect manufacturing industries

        Digital transformation is definitely catching us in every aspect of live. The use of digital means is state-of-the-art in the private sector for years already - everybody is using smart phones with all kinds of apps every day. Applications that take advantage of new technologies like face recognition, natural language processing, and machine-learning are popping-up everywhere.

        With the wave of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 more digitalization is coming down to all businesses and very specifically into all manufacturing industries as well. The implementation of state-of-the-art digital technologies not only requires new solutions and processes, but also additional knowledge and skills.

        Improve your competiveness by training your employees on key industry 4.0 topics

          Would you like to go one step further with your automation and fully exploit the potential of digitization? Then our e-learning platform DRIVE (Digital Readiness, Ideation, Velocity and Engagement) is just the thing for you! DRIVE empowers people with the relevant skills required to succeed in the digital industrial workplace. DRIVE as a digital tool itself helps companies to keep their workforce up-to-date on a regular basis and prepare for the ongoing digital transformation.

          With the DRIVE e-learning platform from Voith, you can improve the digital know-how of your employees in a targeted way. In its first stage, the multi-level learning program offers interactive e-learnings on different digital technologies and methods. This way, participants acquire basic digital knowledge, for example, regarding cloud computing, UX or smart factories. In the next stage, the focus is on practical relevance, such as interviews with proven experts or by highlighting possible changes in different job profiles. This way the combination of skills already developed plus new digital competences in conjunction with their employees experience will keep traditional businesses up-to-date.

          Start into your digital future now

          • Improve digital skills for industry 4.0
          • Increase "IIoT readiness" in your company
          • Multi-level course program for beginners and advanced learners
          • Customized programs through a wide selection of modules
          • Practically oriented learning with gamification elements

          We support you with your digital transformation!
          Digital Readiness, Ideation, Velocity & Engagement
          What is DRIVE?

          DRIVE is a unique opportunity to invest in your own future. In order to meet the new market requirements and challenges of IoT, Voith provides a unique upskilling program. Digitalization offers a lot of new opportunities for the daily business. Key to benefit from this transformation is to develop a common understanding of all relevant aspects. Explore what the future might bring for you and your company and start your DRIVE journey in a playful way!

          More than an e-learning
          What makes DRIVE special?

          Compared to conventional learning programs, a major differentiator is, that we have done projections for future business characters especially in industrial applications. The results are based on research methodology like technology radar and technology foresight processes as well as future workplace studies. This way we were able to identify and assign necessary capabilities to handle digital technology in the specific context of future jobs in industrial use cases. As a result we can focus on the impact of digitalization for future work.

          What value does DRIVE deliver?

          • With DRIVE you are able to capture, preserve and build on your company knowledge
          • More than 600 valuable digital skills can be acquired to help manufacturing companies to meet both current and future challenges
          • The platform offers industry-specific content
          • The learnings provide insights on the impact and application of digitalization in your working environment
          • There is the possibility to make own micro learnings quickly and share them within the company
          • The systematic and structured learning journey gives orientation through the learning process
          • You can create own learning paths
          • The platform is multilingual and e-learnings are available in four languages (English, German, Portuguese and Chinese)
          • DRIVE can be used on virtually all devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and augmented reality glasses for use in the field

          Does DRIVE suit you? Find out!

          Voith has always been committed to actively shaping change in our industry. If this is to continue, we have to align ourselves fully with the megatrend of digitalization. As one of the decisive players, we want to bundle our forces to promote and coin the digital revolution in engineering.
          Siddhartha Mishra, Director Projects Platforms & Services
          Voith Group

          Train your employees for digitalization

            In order to keep up with modern job requirements, anybody in any position in the companies needs to be skilled in using digital tools in a wide variety of applications. An enhanced "digital" skill-set is needed on top of the experience and the traditional skills.

            Based on industry specific research we have discovered hundreds of new skills to acquire. Depending on the combination of tasks in the new jobs, different combinations are necessary in even more different use-cases. In order to preserve the valuable experience of the employees and stay up-to-date, all employees need to qualify themselves in order to keep pace with the ongoing digital transformation.

            Building digital talent

            Fundamental Level

            The fundamental level is a training for everyone which offers basic information on Industry 4.0 and first insights in many different digitalization topics. The learner gets a good overall idea even of those areas not immediately affected by.

            Advanced Level

            The advanced level consists of introduction videos on various digitalization topics followed by in depth modules offering expert interviews and future perspectives on skills and tasks in the industrial environment.
            DRIVE trial account
            Test DRIVE for free
            Free DRIVE trial available

            In these unprecedented times, we offer you 5 hours of free content in our trial journey. The only thing you have to do is visit our login page, register by entering your professional email address and click on “FREE TRIAL” to start your DRIVE journey. This gives you access to a selection of exclusive micro learnings and allows you to learn more about Industry 4.0 in an entertaining way – completely free of charge and without subscription trap or hidden costs. After your trial period you can decide for yourself how to proceed. We are happy to advise you at any time!

            DRIVE platform


              You have certainly read some articles and discussions about digital transformation. Many misunderstandings accumulate here. In this paper, which was developed together with Fraunhofer IAO, we would like to dispel the myths surrounding the skills needed for digital transformation.

              Please enter your e-mail address to download the paper.

              Digitalization forces companies to change - not only technically, but also culturally and organizationally. There is a broad consensus in the business community about this. But how much willingness is there for this upheaval? How well prepared are companies in the various sectors? How far have they progressed on the topic of "digital learning"? The ComTeam study provides insights into the status quo of the German economy. To this end, the study's directors interviewed 700 managers from various departments about their companies' change competence in the direction of digital change.


              The study is only available in German. Copyright by ComTeam, more information: ComTeam Homepage

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