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Automatic transmissions - Bus

Traveling comfortably and economically:
DIWA automatic transmissions for public transit buses

Today, almost all midsize, city or long distance buses can be fitted with DIWA automatic transmissions. This means state-of-the-art technology for the full range of combustion engines.

DIWA - that's how you spell transmission.

Specially developed for public transit buses, these transmissions are a must-have for economical operation: Reduced complexity and less installation effort for the manufacturer, lower fuel consumption and rock-bottom maintenance and service costs for the operator. And not only today - but for the entire service life of the bus.





SensoTop reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%. How does it work? With a gear-shifting program that constantly determines the optimal gear-shifting points. And while doing so, it constantly analyzes all data received about the topography of the road, the vehicle's load, and its acceleration. This makes annoying gear hunting a thing of the past: Your passengers will appreciate even greater comfort.


When the brakes are applied, the differential converter acts as a retarder. It relieves the load on the operating brake and increases braking power at medium and high speeds by up to 30%. Your advantages: Less wear on the brakes and increased driving safety.

Passenger Comfort

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The proven DIWA power split principle allows stepless starting and braking across a speed range, where other transmissions require two to three gear shifts. The result: Up to 50% fewer gear shifts, higher driving comfort - and significantly lower wear in the driveline.

Recording operating data

E300.1 offers a new dimension in recording operating data.

Vehicle and transmission usage conditions can be analyzed in detail using the saved data. The advantage for you is optimizing your vehicle use or selecting a suitable driveline.

Voith is a competent partner for vehicle manufacturers and operators.

Oil list

Sustainable Solution for Urban Mobility.

DIWA Technology in BRT

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