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OnQ ModuleSteam

OnQ ModuleSteam

The steam box for Improved moisture cross profile in the press

The OnQ ModuleSteam steam box controls the moisture cross profile in the press. It brings about high dry content, good moisture cross profiles and improved threading in the dryer section.

High runability and clear production increases are the outstanding advantages of the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box. With especially easy maintenance, it offers an extraordinary potential to increase dry content and profiling due to its vaporization zones. By vaporizing the paper web and lowering of the water’s effective viscosity in the stock, the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box increases the effectiveness of the press nip.

OnQ ModuleSteam is used for moisture cross profile control in the press. Due to its small space requirement, it can be easily retrofitted into an existing press section. The design principle of the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box allows the smallest widths of the profiling zones.