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Quality Control System for your demands

Voith Quality Control System (QCS) OnQuality

    Voith’s Quality Control System (QCS) OnQuality is a smart and integrated concept to enable producers to gain control over production processes and product quality. It offers the opportunity to stabilize and optimize the product quality and the production process while increasing productivity and decreasing operation and maintenance costs.

    Our QCS is the latest in quality control systems for online analysis of paper properties.

    It is a system for paper makers with a passion for high paper quality who want to meet their customer’s expectations and increase their operation efficiency. Our system is smart and modular, and compact to fit in almost any paper machine. Its attractive lifecycle costs improve the competitiveness of the production through improved reliability and decreased maintenance need. Production value is increased as quality requirements can be met reliably and consistently. Detailed insight into production and steps to improve processes and maintenance activities are provided to give the paper maker a high amount of control over machine and production. In-use times of plants are increased, and target KPIs can be met fast and consistent.

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      OnQuality.Sensors are compact, robust and include state-of-the-art technology. They incorporate a smart sensor and comprehensive diagnostic functions and ensure easy access for maintenance and system extension. Interfaces are easy to use. All sensors include the new processor board with powerful signal processing capacity and standardized communications. Measuring plates and heads are largely standardized components and thus guarantee a plug-and-play configuration of the sensors.
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      Product range

      • OnQ Ash Sensor Fe 55
        Contactless measurement of mineral content in a paper web using gamma ray absorption.
      • OnQ Ash Sensor Fe 55 XRF
        Contactless measurement of mineral content in a paper web using gamma ray absorption and additional XRF.
      • OnQ Basis Weight Sensor Krypton 85
        Contactless measurement of basis weight, designed for basis weight range up to 1200 g/m².
      • OnQ Basis Weight Sensor Promethium 147
        Contactless measurement of basis weight, designed for basis weight range up to 180 g/m².
      • OnQ Caliper Sensor Dual Air Bearing
        Contactless measurement for accurate measurement of paper thickness, based on the measurement of the magnetic resistance between the measuring plates.
      • OnQ Caliper Sensor Light Touch
        Contacting sensor for accurate, on line measurement of paper thickness based on magnetic reluctance through the sheet.
      • OnQ Coat Weight Sensor IR Reflection
        Contactless measurement of coat weight by the absorption of the reflected infrared light of a defined wavelength spectrum.
      • OnQ Color Sensor 45°c:0°
        First industrial, full spectral, online sensor which measures color, whiteness, brightness and opacity.
      • OnQ Gloss Sensor 75°
        Contactless measurement of gloss for machine-finished and calendered board and paper, according to the ISO 8254-1 Tappi 480 method.
      • OnQ Moisture Sensor IR Reflection
        Measures moisture content single sided and contactless, based on the proven "same spot" technology.
      • OnQ Moisture Sensor IR Transmission
        Contactless measurement of moisture content by the absorption of infrared light at four wavelengths.
      • OnQ Moisture Sensor Microwave DS20
        Measures moisture content via microwave technology.
      • OnQ Tissue Sensor TecoSens
        Measures moisture and fibre weight of tissue paper grades without the need for radiometric sensors.


        The robust measuring frames are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into all paper machines even when space is limited and ambient temperature is high. The OnQuality.Scanners are integrated either as an integral part of the OnQuality quality control system or as a stand-alone system with direct OPC connection to other process control systems. The reliability of this innovative measuring technology has proven itself in new world-class paper machines as well as in the replacement of older quality control systems.

        Product information

        • Standard O-frame for most applications
        • Flexible width up 11.855 mm (38’ 11‘‘)
        • Single side frame for narrow installation
        • Flexible width up to 9.705 mm (31‘ 10‘‘)
        • Highest reliability in the industry
        • Flexible application for all size paper machines
        • SEB mounted directly to frame to reduce wiring (option)
        • Garage function to keep sensors clean (option)


          In paper manufacturing, the quality of the paper produced is highly dependent on the cross directional (CD) profile of the product. As in many other producing industries, the more uniform the product the better. To obtain uniform CD profiling, and thus achieve good profile accuracy, Voith developed the actuators of the OnQuality product family. They are impressively accurate, even under the most challenging conditions, and also feature highly precise positioning.

          OnQ ModuleSteam

          The OnQ ModuleSteam controls the moisture cross profile in the press. It brings about high dry content, good moisture cross profiles and improved threading in the dryer section.
          High runability and clear production increases are the outstanding advantages of the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box. With especially easy maintenance, it offers an extraordinary potential to increase dry content and profiling due to its vaporization zones. By vaporizing the paper web and lowering the water’s effective viscosity in the stock, the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box increases the effectiveness of the press nip.

          Due to its small space requirement, it can be easily retrofitted into an existing press section. The design principle of the OnQ ModuleSteam steam box allows the smallest widths of the profiling zones.

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          OnQ ModulePro

          With its innovative nozzle and valve technology, the OnQ ModulePro nozzle moisturizer delivers an optimal moisture cross profile over the entire paper web, ensuring smooth processing to the reel.
          OnQ ModulePro with Profilmatic MP moisture cross profile control delivers optimal moisture results, even for simultaneous treatment of moisture cross profile, total moisture and curling. An optimal spray angle and ultra-fine drops of water produced by a finely atomizing dual-substance nozzle provide for uniform water absorption over the entire web. Higher quality paper at the reel or before the calender or coating unit improves winding at the reel, reduces breaks and allows a lower dry content at the reel or higher web speeds.
          Depending on the installation location, OnQ ModulePro is used for moisture cross profiling, curl reduction or remoistening.

          V30 upgrade nozzles

          Poor moisture profile and unwanted marks in the paper are often the results of defective nozzle moisturizers. Since the replacement of the complete system is associated with high investment costs, this occurs only rarely. To counteract this problem Voith developed the V30 upgrade nozzles: Here you just have to replace the air-atomizing nozzles instead of completely replacing the nozzle moisturizer. This will give you a much finer spray pattern over a larger volume range compared to competitors’ nozzles, as well as a better paper quality due to a finer mark-free spray application.
          Nozzle replacement is easily done by screwing out the old mouthpiece of the nozzle and screwing in the new V30 upgrade nozzle from Voith. Both the spray beam itself and the control remain untouched. Replacement of the nozzle requires a detailed technical check in advance.

          OnQ ModuleJet

          The OnQ ModuleJet is an automatic control system that consistently ensures the highest quality of the basis weight cross profile in headboxes with dilution water technology.
          Control of the basis weight cross profile with OnQ ModuleJet is done by adjustment of the dilution water valves that are arranged over the machine width through the actuator system. The inflow of dilution water is exactly dosed by means of precise linear movement. In combination with the Profilmatic control software, the OnQ ModuleJet actuator system guarantees uniform basis weight cross profiles and provides for short engagement times after malfunctions. The optimal valve position is calculated by Profilmatic with the aid of various algorithms and adjusted by the actuator system.

          The OnQ ModuleJet actuator system is used in headboxes with dilution water technology for cross profiling.

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          OnQ ModuleTap

          Installing OnQ ModuleTap actuators ensures the highest consistent quality of the basis weight cross profile in headboxes with dilution valves (ball valves).
          With OnQ ModuleTap, a consistently high basis weight profile quality is guaranteed by means of a rotary motion (0-90°) on the basis of the profiles measured. The combination of Profilmatic control software and the OnQ ModuleTap actuator system provides good and stable basis weight cross profiles and short engagement times until reaching the guaranteed quality values after downtimes, grade changes or breaks.

          OnQ ModuleTap is used in headboxes where dilution water dosing is carried out via ball valves. The automatic control system is especially suitable for retrofitting headboxes from various manufacturers that have no dilution water system.

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          OnQ ModuleStep

          The OnQ ModuleStep actuator controls the cross profile of the grammage. Simultaneous adjustment of all actuators ensures good control dynamics and clearly improved profile quality.
          Control of the cross profile with the OnQ ModuleStep is done through mechanical profiling by zones of the headbox aperture, using stepper motors. The resulting contoured headbox outlet corrects the cross profile in the desired manner. The adjusting unit - consisting of stepper motor, gears, micrometer and hand wheel - was specially designed for the harsh environmental conditions in the paper and board industry. Adjusting increments of 0.6 micron ensure good control quality. Each actuator includes an integrated status and diagnostic display. The actuator adjustment is precisely measured by means of position, protectingthe aperture of the headbox from damage.

          OnQ ModuleStep actuators can be installed on all headbox types. They are especially suitable for retrofitting older headboxes.

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          OnQ ModuleCoat / OnQ ModuleSpeed

          OnQ ModuleCoat is used for coat weight cross profile control on blade coating units and OnQ ModuleSpeed for coat weight cross profile control on film coating units. Both systems ensures uniform distribution of the coating color in machine cross direction.
          Cross direction control with OnQ ModuleCoat / OnQ ModuleSpeed takes place via adjustment by zones of the profiling device. For this, the actuator is equipped with an incremental and absolute encoder. The additional position feedback provides absolute reliability for protection of the profile rail. The auto-mapping function of the Profilmatic control automatically checks the correlation between actuator position and measurement position in the paper web. This allows uniform distribution of the coating color. The "mapping model" adjusts to the measured change.

          OnQ ModuleTherm

          OnQ ModuleTherm is suitable for the control of the thickness profile on the calender for all calender types and all paper and board grades. With OnQ ModuleTherm, profiling is carried out by tempered air.
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            The Voith Quality Control System (QCS) based on the modular automation platform ComCore. The modularity allows easy to integrate of your QCS into existing automation systems and provides clear information to the paper manufacturer. The easy-to-use user interfaces allow direct access and optimization of the quality parameter profiles.

            Success Story

              Decor paper specialist Ahlstrom-Munksjö modernizes its quality control system with ComCore

              Due to the technical performance spectrum, the Unterkochen team decided to modernize the quality control technology with the ComCore QCS system by Voith Digital Solutions. ComCore is an automation platform developed specifically for the paper industry. It comprises digital assistance, measurement and control systems that can also be expanded with the OnEfficiency and OnCare product families.
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              The start-up processes have accelerated considerably, and the changeover times have been shortened.
              Guido Feuchter is responsible for the rapid adaptation of the parameters on the ComCore platform to the desired product in the event of a grade change.

              Voith systems RAISE industry standards

                Voith systems RAISE industry standards through Reliability, Accessibility, Innovation, Service and Efficiency & Excellence.


                Voith is committed to delivering high-end, reliable solutions and, as the product quality leader in the industry, has earned the trust of many customers. Sensors are built from robust, durable materials that endure even the harshest environments. Accurate measurements and analysis allow a precise control architecture. Additionally, visibility over production processes and machine parts enable accurate maintenance and monitoring. With increasing amounts of data, control functions improve steadily. Voith offers a reliable, effective and highly available supportnetwork.


                Sensors can be individually installed to provide different profiles. Precise sensors provide accurate data. Visibility from powerful analysis tools grants easy access to various process touch-points and insights. This visibility allow for the system actuators to be used accurately. The system gives recommendations and automatically takes action to optimize processes and maintenance plans. Sensors also allow for precise root-cause visualization and improved maintenance activities. Voith QCS has a high connectivity and compatibility so that it can be implemented and accessed most conveniently. The systems allow for direct remote support through safe networks.


                Voith is committed to provide the latest technology created by innovation experts. Knowing our customers and their needs, we can provide innovative solutions targeted at known issues and improvement possibilities. New sensor and measurement technologies provide highly accurate data through non-invasive and accessible online data gathering. The latest data analysis technology, Voith’s papermaking expertise and highly precise actuator enable a fast stabilization and optimization of processes. Maintenance activities can be predicted and planned through an innovative control system.


                Manufacturer and maintenance staff expertise are combined and support staff is specifically and extensively trained to provide the best service possible. A remote, global service structure enables Voith support members direct and fast live access through safe networks. Additionally, Voith provides support for both machine parts and on-site personnel through an efficient locally available support infrastructure. Access to predefined maintenance processes and organization as well as spare part management increase maintenance speed and efficiency and decrease plant down-times. Voith also offers individualized implementation and innovation support.

                Production Efficiency & Excellence

                Through increased visibility and expanded control, processes and production can be monitored, stabilized and optimized. This eliminates the need for excess resource use, off-spec production and high production costs to compensate for product variability. Increasing availability of data allow more detailed production analysis to optimize production and maintenance. Maintenance is made more time- and effort-efficient and less costly. Additionally, QCS lower the need for administrative efforts. These possibilities allow paper makers to produce the best paper possible and meet individually set KPIs, subsequently increasing productivity all while decreasing overall costs.

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