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Our Remote Service Center OnPerformance.Lab

    Taking digitalization to the next level: Our OnPerformance.Lab supports you in using digitalization profitably. The new Remote Service Center helps you to increase the efficiency and availability of your system.

    To this end, process and machine data are continuously analyzed using data mining methods and artificial intelligence supplemented by technology and automation expertise. In combination with the industry-specific paper know-how of Voith experts, potential for improvement is then identified and tapped.



      Special launch event

        In our digital opening ceremony, we officially launched our OnPerformance.Lab together with you - our customers - and informed about the new services we provide and the impact we can create. Take a look at the recording and find out about this new asset of ours, our daily routines, tools and workflows explained with a real customer use case.

        Your challenges – Our solutions

          Challenges and Solutions of OnPerformance.Lab

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          In order to meet increasing competitive pressure and higher sustainability goals, more and more paper manufacturers are taking the path of digitizing their production systems and processes.

          However, the volume of data generated in all sections is also growing – and with it the difficulty of evaluating this data and deriving targeted measures from it. The OnPerformance.Lab from Voith Paper supports you in precisely these challenges. All OnPerformance.Lab services are aimed at increasing the performance and availability of your machines and reducing the resource requirements in the papermaking process.

          The OnPerformance.Lab portfolio includes services that help you improve the availability, productivity and efficiency of your equipment. These include, for example, the data analytics service, which ensures and increases added value through data-based availability and performance optimization. The "Smart Monitoring" service provides intelligent visualizations and recommendations to help you achieve productivity and performance optimizations for networked assets and plants. In the area of condition monitoring, the OnPerformance.Lab service serves to derive concrete performance improvements from data-based condition monitoring and to support you in implementing them. Through our Remote Service Center, we are able to support you not only during troubleshooting but also to continuously optimize process and machine performance as well as the availability of the systems.

          Pick and choose – Your personalized offer

            You can individually define the scope of service you want to take advantage of based on selected KPIs such as fiber consumption, basis weight and moisture or grade change speed.

            The services are available for the entire production line – from stock preparation to winder – and can be scaled as required. Upfront investments are generally not required, which reduces entry costs and gives us the opportunity for attractive business models.

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            All benefits at a glance

              All benefits of OnPerformance.Lab at a glance



              The OnPerformance.Lab identifies potential for optimization and works proactively to solve problems. We monitor processes and see customer problems coming. Our algorithms sound the alarm at the first sign of anything not running optimally at the process level.
              Ulrike Welp-Wallenmaier,Senior Manager Business Development, Voith Paper
              All our services take our customers one step further in digitalization.
              Dr. Julius Flitsch, Director Remote Operations Center, Voith Paper
              Jens Haag
              We utilize data mining and artificial intelligence to support our domain experts, making your production more efficient.
              Dr. Jens Haag, Director Advanced Analytics & Control, Voith Group
              OnPerformance.Lab is the data-driven Remote Service Center for our customers.
              Marc Danne, Service Order Manager, Voith Paper

              Our working process

                The working process

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                The remote services of OnPerformance.Lab are process- and machine-data-based services that are accessible on a VPN or cloud connection. Depending on the service scope, OnPerformance.Lab is only provided with the required information.

                The data streams are monitored and analyzed by our experts using data mining methods and artificial intelligence. The combination of data evaluation and assessment as well as the domain-specific know-how results in individual, concretely implementable recommendations on how to stabilize and increase the performance and availability of the machine. In addition, Voith Paper's broad network of subject matter experts with detailed product, service and process know-how can be called in on a case-by-case basis. We create continuous advantages through regular exchange with our customers.

                Related offerings


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                  Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers. On the one hand, we offer services that only require a VPN or cloud connection, and on the other hand, we solve challenges by skillfully networking our entire digital product portfolio at Voith Paper. In the OnPerformance.Lab, we put together our proposal in a solution-oriented way, combining performance solutions, consulting and product applications to provide you with the best possible remote support.

                  OnPerformance.Lab - How can we help you?

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