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Our digital service portfolio

    With our OnPerformance.Labs, gaining access to expert guidance is as simple as calling a trusted colleague. Our Support effortlessly integrates into your existing systems and processes to maximize service efficiency and quality. We understand your needs and our solutions are tailored precisely to address them. With our global network of remote service hubs, we bring our services closer to you.

    We are committed to delivering valuable service and ensuring that you receive accurate, practical, and tailored solutions to your challenges. We believe in a holistic and integrated approach that goes beyond simply maximizing one goal. Our integrated approach drives sustainable improvements that positively impact your business performance. We go beyond short-term fixes and focus on long-term success, creating a foundation for continuous improvement and success.

    A secure connection 

    We utilize the power of dataPARC cloud to effortlessly connect with confidence, knowing that your data remains protected at all times. Alternatively, we can use our secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to support you no matter where you are in the world.

    Our service portfolio

    We offer a wide range of services focused on maximizing your plants productivity, efficiency and availability. When you're facing complex challenges or seeking specialized knowledge, our experts are available to provide you with the expertise you need. Our remote service capabilities include Data Analytics, Smart Monitoring & Reporting, Condition Monitoring and Expert Support & Consulting.

    Our approach

    With our hybrid service approach, we can combine the best of both worlds. We seamlessly integrate remote and on-site services to provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency for our customers. Our service agreements ensure that field service has access to our team of experts wherever they are facing technical difficulties, need troubleshooting assistance, or require guidance to manage your unique requirements and tailor services according to your specific needs. Through secure digital channels, we can remotely diagnose issues, identify critical process areas, and swiftly provide instructions and advice to support our colleagues to get you back on track. When the challenge is resolved, we check that the outcome is as expected and everything works as targeted again.

    All advantages at a glance

    Data Analytics
    Data-based availability and performance optimization
    Possible fields of application: Speed-up potential check, golden run, compare behavior e.g., before/after a rebuild or audit
    • Data: Data exchange or data access via dataPARC cloud
    •  Advanced analytics: Advanced analytics engines and AI applications
    • Expert know-how: Search for meaningful patterns, identify valuable insights, correlations, and predictive indicators
    • Deliverables: Actionable recommendations, close implementations, and advice for countermeasures

    Your advantages:

    • Increase output
    • Improve & stabilize quality
    • Continuous improvement
    Read a concrete use case here

    Smart Monitoring & Reporting
    Intelligent visualizations and continuous monitoring with proactive support
    Possible fields of application: Continuous transparency over KPIs, real time process/quality/output monitoring, monitoring of key component performance
    • Data: Continuous data exchange via dataPARC cloud
    • Smart reports and cockpits: Easy and smart visualization of main KPIs, detection of issues, anomalies, or deviations in real time
    • Proactive support: Experts promptly identify and address issues to mitigate risks, prevent problems, minimize impact on operations
    • Deliverables: Proactive problem solving and troubleshooting support, continuous identification of improvement potentials, cost savings and higher productivity

    Your advantages:

    • Early detection of issues
    • Proactive problem solving
    • Performance reporting and optimization
    • Data-driven decision-making
    • Real-time insights
    Read a concrete use case here

    Condition Monitoring
    Increase availability and performance as a service
    Possible fields of application: Continuous, proactive process and equipment monitoring, recommendations for improved maintenance processes, increases availability and safety
    • Data: Data access via VPN or dataPARC cloud
    • Continuous system car and assessment: Easy and smart visualization of main KPIs, detection of issues, anomalies, or deviations in real-time
    • Reporting and proactive support: Experts promptly identify and address issues to mitigate risk of unplanned downtimes, extend lifespan of assets and uninterrupted production
    • Deliverables: Monthly or continuous reporting and trouble shooting support, recommendations for optimized maintenance efforts, minimized downtime and costs

    Your advantages:

    • Early detection of issues
    • Increased equipment reliability and availability
    • Preventive and predictive maintenance
    Read a concrete use case here

    Expert Support & Consulting
    Specific support from automation, digitization and technology experts
    Possible fields of application: Advice on process optimization, equipment selection and optimization, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, cost optimization
    • Data: Data access via VPN or dataPARC cloud
    • Target setting and service scope: Alignment of goals and targets, selection of tools and services specific to unique needs
    • Deep expertise: Domain experts help navigate specific challenges and requirements, apply our integrated approach exactly when need it
    • Deliverables: Seamless access to experts with breadth of knowledge across a range of domains. Guidance to enhance operations, optimize performance and output

    Your advantages:

    •  Access to a network of experts
    • Flexible on-demand support
    • Direct and immediate interaction
    Read a concrete use case here

    Have a look at the webinar

      Have a look at the webinar
      Get to know the service portfolio of the OnPerformance.Lab

      Learn all the details about our remote services designed to maximize the productivity, efficiency and availability of your mill. After entering your contact details, you will receive free access to the webinar.

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      Insights into customer projects that successfully use our remote services

        Hamburger Containerboard

        150,000€ additional production per year for Spremberg PM 1

        Voith technology and automation experts analyzed relevant data, identified improvement potentials and helped Hamburger Containerboard to tap these.

        Your OnPerformance.Lab expert: Dr. Jens Haag, Director Advanced Analytics and Control, Voith Group

        Perlen PM 7

        Up to 50% optimization potential for sheet break reduction

        Founded in 1873, Perlen Papier A.G. is still very much a traditional, family-owned organization with a long-standing reputation for innovative and sustainable paper production. The company recently approached Voith Paper for support in bringing the Perlen PM 7 back up to design capacity after a noticeable drop in performance of the production line.

        Our OnPerformance.Lab locations

        Accessibility and convenience, timely resolution, reliable communication, personalized support – that’s what our OPLs offer

        All our OnPerformance.Lab locations operate worldwide, which means we are always there for our customers in their language and time zone. Contact us anytime, we will be happy to help you!

        Your message to us

        How do we start our cooperation?


          We analyze together with you the current situation.


          We suggest the best options for you.


          We specify the type and level of services.


          We can start small and scale with identified potential.


          Our integrated approach ensures sustainable benefits.


          Your data is safe with us and we adhere to the highest data security standards.

          Contact our experts

            In order to be able to offer the comprehensive know-how and competencies of Voith experts worldwide as close to the customer as possible, OPL locations can already be found in Heidenheim, Germany, Kunshan, China, Tokyo, Japan and São Paulo, Brazil – the opening of further regional offices is planned.

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