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OnS ProfilmaticTraining

OnS ProfilmaticTraining

Flat cross profile thanks to trained personnel

In OnS ProfilmaticTraining, the maintenance personnel is trained in the proper handling of the OnQ Profilmatic control software, enabling them to react in a quick and targeted fashion in the event of a malfunction.

OnS ProfilmaticTraining includes numerous training modules such as a general system overview of the OnQ Profilmatic control software and an introduction to the user interfaces and the actuators. In addition, diagnostic possibilities and control optimizations are highlighted. Data protection and practical exercises are also part of the training. Well-trained maintenance personnel are the precondition for ensuring a flat cross profile through perfect coordination of the OnQ Profilmatic control software and actuators to the operating behavior of the paper machine.

OnS ProfilmaticTraining is for training maintenance personnel in handling the OnQ Profilmatic control software. It can be carried out in German or English.