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Precise cross profile control

Precise cross profile control

For best basis weight and optimum profile accuracy

Voith has developed its OnQuality actuators to control the dilution water valves or aperture geometry on headboxes. These products help to make CD profile and basis weight more precise and improve profile accuracy.

By the time raw materials, water and chemicals come together, Voith automation products have long since been doing their precision work to prepare for this step. As part of this process, measuring and control systems ensure exact process variables. Careful upkeep and maintenance of the modern automation environment is absolutely essential to ensure a faultless production workflow. Experienced service personnel from Voith support papermakers through regular maintenance and initiate the necessary measures in the event of problems. This is ideally complemented by a broad range of training for the mill’s workforce.

Overview precise cross profile control


  • Exact CD profiling of basis weight and optimum profile accuracy


OnQ ModuleJet

OnQ ModuleTap

OnQ Profilmatic

OnQ ModuleStep