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DrumScreen STR

DrumScreen STR

Low fiber loss and high reject yield

As the final stage in pulper detrashing systems, the DrumScreen STR ensures a reliable pulping and screening process. The overhung drum bearing facilitates easy maintenance.

The enclosed design of the DrumScreen STR ensures clean rejects handling. Due to an inlet pipe in the drum body, no inlet sealing is required. In addition, the drum inserts ensure optimal reject lifting and dropping. The continuous accumulation of rejects amounts to at least 12% SC. With hole diameters of 6, 12 and 16 mm and a wide peripheral ledge, the hole patterns have only a minimal spinning tendency. Adjustable internal spray pipes also ensure the lowest fiber loss. The drum axis inclined by 5° provides for optimal retention time of the suspension.

The DrumScreen STR can be used as the final stage in continuous systems (TwinPulp™) and in periodical systems (PreClean™).


Wolfgang Müller

Global Product Manager


t + 49 751 83 3268