Transport & Automotive

Mobil, Innovative and Eco-Friendly

Voith Sets Standards in Transport & Automotive

Worldwide, more and more goods are being transported, more and more people travel or commute to their workplace. Metropolises rely on intelligent public transport systems, long-distance haulage routes connect the world. Voith supports these developments with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Voith is one of the leading suppliers of mobility technologies and services in the transport and automotive market. We develop reliable, resource-sparing, low-emission products and therefore make an important contribution to safety, efficiency and climate-friendliness. Voith service specialists work for all major automobile manufacturers and ensure smooth, efficient and cost-saving production processes with modern service concepts.

Mobility for People

Voith has been meeting the growing challenges of public and long-distance transport with innovative solutions for many years. Be it final drives or cooling systems and frontends for high-speed trains or automatic transmissions for citybuses - all over the world, Voith technologies make sure that people stay mobile. Especially in megacities such as Shanghai or São Paulo, Voith technologies in metro systems and citybuses make a vital contribution towards safe mobility.

But Voith technologies and services also move traffic on the waters and in the air, for example with propulsion and control systems for ships, with Voith Water Tractors and with engineering services for the aviation industry.

Ideas for the Drives of Tomorrow

Voith engineers are always looking for opportunities to make transport systems even more eco-friendly. Hybrid drives are among the key technologies in the search for lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The experiences and results gained by Voith engineers in recent years during their work on hybrid drives for citybuses are now also used in other areas, for example for the development of hybrid solutions for new, low-emission rail vehicle drive systems.