Hoods and machine ventilation technology

Hoods and machine ventilation technology

The core of each drying section

The hood and associated machine ventilation system form the core of each drying section. The dewpoint of the hood has a direct impact on the energy costs for drying. In addition, the dewpoint of the hood defines the potential for recovery of the energy used previously for drying the paper.
High heat recovery rates can only be achieved if the hood dewpoints are high.

The benefits of a Voith hood: 

- Maximum dewpoints - low energy input
- Modular design - easy to dismantle and reassemble
- Reduces heat and noise in the machine hall
- Thermal bridge free design - low energy losses, minimizes condensation risk

Voith offers you the right solution and perfectly matched systems for hood and machine ventilation technology - regardless of whether you are installing a new system or upgrading or expanding your existing facilities:

- Hood supply and exhaust air systems
- Pocket/machine ventilation systems
- Dewpoint regulating systems
- Wet section exhaust systems with separators and spray systems
- Pulper exhaust systems
- Sizing press exhaust systems
- Provision of other machine-level systems (e.g. fabric cleaners, press tray heaters, stabilizers)

Separator for wet section exhaustion 

The choice of system components in terms of design and material plus the configuration of the individual systems guarantees you operational reliability, ease of access and long service life as well as simple, cost-effective maintenance and servicing.