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Voith in China

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Voith in China

    Voith first interacted with the China market at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, we have striven to develop roots in the country and played a part in its modernization process which has transformed the skylines of the country.

    The company has developed in parallel with China’s economic stature, by setting new standards in markets such as energy, oil & gas, paper, raw material and transport & automotive that are key to China’s growth. With its broad portfolio of products and services, Voith supports sustainable growth in China and is committed to the integration of China’s economy, society and ecological progress. 

    Voith Hydro in China
    Voith Hydro

    Voith Hydro has been an active participant in China's hydropower industry for over a century, dating back to its delivery of turbines and generators to China's first hydropower plant, the Shilongba hydropower plant, in 1910. 

    Voith Hydro in China Development History
    Voith Paper
    Voith Paper

    Since its establishment in 1867, Voith Paper has been a pioneer and leader in the development of modern papermaking technologies. As papermaking originated in China, Voith has a long-term vision to drive the art of papermaking in this strategic market. 

    Voith Paper in China Development History
    Voith Turbo in China
    Voith Turbo

    Voith Turbo is committed to providing advanced technologies and digital applications that are highly efficient and reliable for customers across various industries, including oil and gas, energy, mining, mechanical engineering, ship technology, rail, and commercial vehicles. 

    Voith Turbo in China Development History

    A Century and Growing

      Voith’s commitment to China can be traced back to 1910 when we supplied the first turbines to China’s first hydropower plant - Shilongba Hydropower Plant in Yunnan. In 1937, Voith provided its first paper machine to Chinese customer Shanghai Minfeng Paper.

      Over the past century, Voith has been committed to supporting the economic growth and sustainable development of China, which is one of the most important markets and is key to our expansion in Asia as well as to our global business. We have been proud of this long and successful history, and we will continue to grow along with China’s economy by offering reliable products, innovative technologies and outstanding solutions to the Chinese market.

      At present, Voith China has a workforce of nearly 2,700 employees and operates 15 factories, including 5 manufacturing bases. As an essential part of Voith Group, Voith China has consolidated its production, manufacturing, supply chain and service capabilities, offering high quality products and services worldwide.

      Vocational Training in China

      The Voith China Training Center is the largest training facility outside its home market of Germany of the Voith Group. It is a modern training complex that provides technical and management training, skill evaluation and talent management.

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      Voith CSR in China

      Voith has always been committed to its social responsibilities. As a part of our DNA, we believe in sustainable technologies for future generations. We strive to shape the future actively and make life better for everyone.

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      Locations in China


        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith Turbo Power Transmission (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Beijing Branch

        t +86 10 6437 1896


        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith Lutong Urban Rail Gearbox Technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd.

        t +86 431 8508 5618

        Dong Ying City

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper (China) Co., Ltd. Dongying Branch

        t +86 546 6871129

        f +86 546 6871219

        Guangzhou City

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper Rolls Guangzhou Co., Ltd.

        t +86 20 39098900

        f +86 20 39098999

        Kunshan, Jiangsu

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper (China) Co., Ltd.

        t +86 512 50328200

        f +86 512 57761999

        Liaoyang City

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper (China) Co. Ltd. Liaoyang Branch

        t +86 419 3306000

        f +86 419 3139651


        Group Divisions
        Voith Hydro, Voith Turbo, Others

        Voith Corporate Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        t +86 512 5799 3600

        f +86 512 5799 3611

        Voith Hydro Shanghai Ltd.

        t +86 21 24089999

        f +86 21 64308830


        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith Turbo Power Transmission (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

        t +86 512 6287 5601

        Xia Men

        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith Turbo Power Transmission (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        About the Voith Group

          The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has locations all over the world and is thus one of the larger family-owned companies in Europe. 

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            We offer careers in fields from business management to engineering, from manufacturing to IT. If you`re interested in technology, Voith is the place to be. You want to be challenged and developed? Your success is only limited by your imagination and motivation.

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            Current job openings

            Title Location
            AMB Sales Manager Shanghai, Shanghai (上海,上海) (CN)
            BCC & Sourcing Excellence Leader Shanghai, Shanghai (上海,上海) (CN)
            Financial Analyst Kunshan, Jiangsu (昆山,江苏) (CN)
            Operator for C-bar Production Line Kunshan, Jiangsu (昆山,江苏) (CN)
            Production Technician Shanghai, Shanghai (上海,上海) (CN)
            Purchasing Intern Kunshan, Jiangsu (昆山,江苏) (CN)
            Rebuild Design Engineer Kunshan, Jiangsu (昆山,江苏) (CN)
            Service Sales Manager 北京,北京

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