ATMOS technology

Premium tissue with high absorbency and bulk 

ATMOS technology allows premium tissue production at lower natural resource consumption while using up to 100% recycled fibers. Thus, significant energy and fiber savings are guaranteed. 

With ATMOS technology production across the complete range of paper grades is possible with the lowest energy consumption per ton and finished product. Switching between conventional quality and ultra-premium tissue is easily feasible by replacing the conventional felt with structured fabric. ATMOS requires up to 30% less fiber when compared to conventional dry crepe machines. Furthermore it enables the production of premium tissue using up to 100% recycled or virgin fibers. ATMOS has proved to be operationally simple and robust in all references from South America, North America and Western Europe.

The ATMOS machine can be designed for machine widths of 2,800 mm to 5,600 mm and can operate in ATMOS mode to produce premium tissue or as conventional dry crepe machine for standard tissue production.