Voith Paper in Schio (Vicenza)

Voith Paper in Schio (Vicenza)

A world without paper? Unthinkable.

    Newspaper or Kitchen Roll - the World's Paper Mills Produce on Voith Machines

    Paper is an information carrier, an educational medium, a practical packaging material and an element of personal hygiene. Voith offers its customers technologies and services for the entire paper production process.

    From newsprint and magazine paper to the production of tissue, which is used in everyday life as toilet paper, cosmetic wipe or kitchen roll - technologies from Voith are used in all sectors of the paper industry. In addition, the experts from Voith Paper and Voith Industrial Services look after the maintenance of all relevant machines.


    Papermaking 4.0

      Step by Step to the Digital Future

      Industry 4.0, Big Data or the Internet of Things - the networking of processes and communication between machines - will shape the future. Digital advances are making it possible, especially a powerful and widely accessible Internet. Voith has not only ventured a look into the future but is already offering specific solutions that are making “Papermaking 4.0” a reality today.

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      A pioneer in papermaking

      Paper making has a long tradition at Voith. The first wood grinder for the production of paper from wood fiber was built by Johann Matthäus Voith in 1859. Today, a large proportion of the world's paper production is performed on Voith paper machines.

      Paper for a sustainable world

        Resource-saving paper production
        Paper for a sustainable world

        Voith has invented technologies for waste paper preparation decades ago. Since then, our engineers have continually improved and refined the process. As a result, premium quality tissue can now be produced from 100% recycled paper.At the moment, the share of recycled fiber is at about 50% worldwide. If the industry succeeds to increase this share to 70%, the rising demand for paper over the forthcoming ten years could be met without using additional virgin fiber.
        An ambitious plan. But quite realistic with Voith technology.

        Green technology


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