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    Reliable, competent, close at hand: Voith offers a diverse range of services and products for business and industry worldwide. Complete solutions are available for all kinds of fields including; paper machines, high value rotating equipment and drivelines, and hydropower equipment. As a global company, we are able to draw on our knowledge and expertise from every continent to provide suitable results which allow your business to meet its full potential.

    Voith Fuji Hydro K.K.
    Voith Fuji Hydro K.K.

    Since 1997, Voith Fuji Hydro K.K. in Kawasaki has been providing most advanced equipment for Japan and Southeast Asia as a joint venture company of Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG and Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. As a full-line supplier, Voith Fuji offers sophisticated solutions along the entire value and supply chain: we develop, design, manufacture and sell electrical and mechanical hydropower equipment. Moreover, we manage the complete plant engineering, commissioning and offer engineering services. Within the range of our activities, we also modernize hydropower plants of various sizes, including pumped storage plants.

    Voith Hydro in Japan
    Voith Turbo Co., Ltd.
    Voith Turbo Co., Ltd.

    Voith Turbo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 as a Japan subsidiary of Voith Turbo Inc. A total of more than 700 large variable speed fluid couplings from our company have already been in use at power plants, oil refineries and steelworks within Japan. We established our domestic service center in Hokkaido in 2000, providing maintenance, design and technology consulting.

    Voith Turbo in Japan
    Voith IHI Paper Technology Co., Ltd.
    Voith IHI Paper Technology Co., Ltd.

    Voith IHI Paper Technology is a joint venture of Voith Paper in Germany and IHI in Japan that was founded in 2001. The head office is in Tokyo, offering the complete range of Voith Paper products and services: stock preparation, winders, engineering, manufacturing, start up and world-class service. Voith IHI Paper Technology is the right partner for any kind of paper-related business, from spare parts over any kind of machine rebuilds up to complete new paper production lines.

    Voith Paper in Japan

    Locations in Japan

      Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido

      Group Division
      Voith Turbo

      Voith Turbo Co., Ltd.

      3-761-8 Shinko-chuo 061-3242 Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido

      t +81 133 602450

      f +81 133 602460

      Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

      Group Divisions
      Voith Hydro, Voith Turbo

      Voith Fuji Hydro K. K.

      1-1 Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku 210-9530 Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

      t +81 44 329 2061

      f +81 44 329 2326

      Voith Turbo Co., Ltd.

      4 F, Kawasaki Frontier Bldg.,11-2 EkimaeHoncho, Kawasaki-Ku 210-0007 Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

      t +81 44 2460555

      f +81 44 2460660


      Group Division
      Voith Paper

      Voith IHI Paper Technology Co., Ltd.

      1-6, Tsukuda 2-chome, Chuo-ku7th Floor, River City M-Square 104-0051 Tokyo

      t +81 3 62213100

      f +81 3 62213125

      About the Voith Group

        The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has locations all over the world and is thus one of the larger family-owned companies in Europe. 

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          We offer careers in fields from business management to engineering, from manufacturing to IT. If you`re interested in technology, Voith is the place to be. You want to be challenged and developed? Your success is only limited by your imagination and motivation.

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