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    Kickstart your career with Voith and benefit from our diverse talent programs! In our three programs GROW, DISCOVER, and INNOVATE, you work towards your dream position and get to know our company at the same time. Participating in a program will give you new career opportunities and promote your personal and professional growth.

    Marina Röck
    Voith’s talent program offers incredibly interesting experiences. My mentor supports me wherever he can, and I work independently on exciting projects. It’s amazing to see how we grow individually and as a group.
    Marina Röck, Talent Program GROW, Team On-Site Service Planning

    GROW: Dual master’s degree with a focus on innovative future projects

      Career-integrated dual master’s degree at one of our partner universities.
      • Target group: future dual master students
      • Program focus: To apply theoretical degree contents in future projects
      • Duration: 20 – 24 months

      What you can expect from GROW:

      • You combine the theoretical knowledge of your studies with practical project work in various departments and collaborative projects at Voith.
      • You work independently and actively on innovative and strategically relevant projects.
      • You shape your career start in a global environment and make valuable contacts within the company, for example at networking events.
      • You profit from an individually designed program structure that includes job rotations and international postings.
      • You’re supervised by an experienced mentor.
      • Various professional training offers, HR coaching sessions, and the regular exchange with our HR department support your career start at Voith.

      DISCOVER: Entry point for strategic positions

        Program for Bachelor and Master graduates that want to work closely with management in strategic positions.
        • Target group: Bachelor and Master graduates
        • Program focus: Career entry for strategic positions
        • Duration: 24 – 36 months

        What you can expect from DISCOVER:

        • You gain insights into projects, questions, and tasks of the top management.
        • You’ll work at the interface of various divisions and thus get to know different departments.
        • You work in global, interdisciplinary teams.
        • You work on strategically relevant projects and help find the best solutions for the company.
        • Together with your team, you identify the optimal program contents for you. A part of this can be job rotations and international postings.
        • You’re supervised by an experienced mentor throughout the entire program.
        • Helpful HR coachings and the regular exchange with our HR department are part of your supervision.
        • You make valuable contacts at networking activities and thanks to extensive networking opportunities with the company.

        INNOVATE: Program for technical positions

          Program for Master graduates interested in technical positions in future fields, such as research and development or product management.
          • Target group: Master graduates
          • Program focus: Direct entry for technical positions
          • Duration: 12 – 18 months

          What you can expect from INNOVATE:

          • You help shape our technological future projects and work on exciting technological innovations.
          • You’re supervised by an experienced mentor throughout the entire program.
          • The program structure is tailored to your profile as an engineer and may include international postings and job rotations.
          • Various professional training offers, HR coaching sessions, and regular exchanges with our HR department support your development as a junior professional.
          • Networking activities allow you to build your network within Voith.

          FAQs: Frequently asked questions about our talent programs

            How are the talent programs at Voith structured?

            Your talent program at Voith will be designed individually according to your needs. Principally, it consists of an extensive onboarding process in your department, professional and personal training offers, networking events, and events with your program group. Depending on your tasks and your interests, job rotations and a short stay abroad may be part of your program.

            Who supervises me during my talent program?

            You’ll be supervised by an experienced mentor who will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have along the way. You’ll also benefit from regular exchange and coaching sessions with our HR department.

            Do I need to know specific languages to join the program?

            Yes, German and English proficiency is necessary.

            Are the talent programs paid?

            Yes, we offer participants a fair salary.

            Is there a fixed application period?

            Yes, all positions are advertised in March/April and we hire in October. However, your starting date can be agreed upon individually. Get in touch to find the perfect starting date for you.

            Must I or may I stay at Voith after completing the talent program?

            You may stay at Voith because your contract will be permanent. However, participating in the talent program does not oblige you to stay at Voith once you’ve completed your training.

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