Intensify your training: Your dual bachelor’s degree at Voith

With a dual degree, you benefit twice

    A dual bachelor’s degree at Voith gives you the best of two worlds: The combination of theory and practice periods allows you to immediately use and deepen your knowledge. In addition to interesting course contents and diverse work projects, we offer you attractive union wages, security, and financial independence during your studies.

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        At Voith, you can choose between different models and universities. Whatever choice you make: We focus on your individual development and guide you through your entire degree. The practicum phases are designed together with you and according to your interests. You’ll have the possibility to go abroad during the practicum and study phases and further your education with our in-house seminars.

          Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Technische Hochschule Ulm Hochschule Kempten Hof University Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel
        Bachelor’s degree
        Work experience in the company
        Posting abroad ×
        Monthly salary
        Double qualification (Chamber of Industry and Commerce certificate & bachelor’s degree) × ×
        Duration 3 years 4,5 years 4,5 years 4,5 years 4 years
        Voith locations Crailsheim, Heidenheim and Ravensburg Heidenheim Sonthofen Bayreuth Salzgitter
        Katrin Banzhaf
        For my semester abroad, I can choose between several countries. And in addition to the work experience, I can meet other dual students at the students' round table.
        Katrin Banzhaf, Dual Degree Machine Engineering, Voith Group

        FAQs about Voith’s dual bachelor’s degree

          When and how can I apply?

          You can apply for as many courses in our dual bachelor’s degree as you like, through our job portal. You’ll find our announcements online one year before the start of your studies, between July 1st and September 30th each year.

          What’s the application process like?

          After reviewing your application, we ask you to do an online recruitment test. If you pass, we’ll invite you to an online interview. The last step of the application process is a half-day assessment center in a relaxed atmosphere or an individual in-person interview. Afterward, we’ll get in touch promptly and let you know if you’ve been accepted.

          Do you have any other questions about the application process? Please get in touch with Renate Collins and Iris Kustermann from our university team.

          Contact Voith’s university team

          How much do I earn at Voith?

          During your dual studies, you’ll be paid union wages and will – depending on the branch and location – be provided with a laptop, discounts at the staff restaurant, various corporate benefits, and much more. 

          What are the working hours during the work experience placements?

          To improve your work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours. In addition, there’s an option for remote work and 30 days of paid leave per year.

          Can I go abroad during my dual degree?

          Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a study phase or work placement abroad. Voith covers the cost of your stay abroad.

          What’s a practicum phase at Voith like?

          No work placement is like the other: At Voith, you shape your own path and have the opportunity to develop your interests and strengths as well as a study focus, by gaining experience in different departments and business fields.

          What opportunities are there to connect and network with other dual students?

          Our dual bachelor’s students are well-connected. You’ll already get to know each other during the introductory week. Beyond that, there will be in-house training and talks, a new year’s party, outdoor events, and many other social activities that combine community, knowledge transfer, and fun.

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