Apprenticeships: Your training at Voith

Unfold your potential with us

    Seize your opportunity and become an important part of our team as a trainee! We’ll support you in learning valuable skills that you can then apply independently in exciting projects. We offer our trainees long-term prospects. Choose from various jobs and come work at eye level in a friendly, dedicated team that enjoys its tasks.

    More than good training: Benefits for Voith trainees

      Good training is only the starting point at Voith. Becoming a trainee here means so much more:

      •  Variety: Your posting in the specialty department of your choosing is complemented by seminars, excursions, further training, and trade fairs.
      • Exciting opportunities: Explore foreign countries and continue to develop your professional skills even after your apprenticeship.
      • Jobs with a future: Voith trains you in professions that will remain relevant!
      • Fitness offer: As important as it is – your job is only a part of your life. Our fitness offers help you stay fit and provide a good balance to your professional training.

      Our training opportunities by location

        In Germany and Austria, we offer you multiple locations for your apprenticeship. Find them here:

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        Education in action: Impressive projects by our trainees

          Strong commitment: Setting up a training workshop in Nepal

          In 2019, our Heidenheim trainees traveled to Nepal with their supervisors. Why Nepal? For years, Voith has been actively supporting the charitable organization “Zukunft für Nepal Ostwürttemberg e.V.” (“Future for Nepal Ostwürttemberg”). The charity is building a dual training center based on the German model in the region of Dhading.
          Our trainees helped build new apprentice workshops for metalwork and carpentry. The center is completed by a school of general education and an integrated vocational school. The workshops now train welders and other professionals.

          For our trainees, this was an unforgettable experience that they’re still talking about: traveling the country, helping locally, and creating opportunities where they’re needed the most. With their commitment, our trainees made a real difference.

          Setting up a training workshop in Nepal

          Green power on site: The small hydropower plant „Alte Bleiche”

          Thanks to our trainees, our factory premises in Heidenheim have their own small hydropower plant: The “Alte Bleiche” has become an interesting display item for clients, employees, and the public. Our technical trainees in Heidenheim and Sankt Georgen, constructed and implemented the plant during their training in an interdisciplinary team with students of the dual university Baden-Württemberg. The small hydropower plant has an output of 35 kW and produces 286,000 kWh of green electricity annually, which we use directly for our factory production.

          For our trainees to be able to build the plant on the river Brenz, some preparations were necessary: dike the river, rebuild the weir gate, and complete the concrete and steel hydraulic engineering works. For our Heidenheim location, our turbine generator unit StreamDiver was ideal, as it’s engineered for river construction with low gradients. This way, our trainees could work directly with the product and at the same time realize an important project that meets our claim to create innovative technologies with the greatest possible environmental benefit.

          The small hydropower plant „Alte Bleiche”

          Historic craftsmanship: Historical water turbine reinstalled

          What would it be like to solve complicated problems with real projects? There’s no lack of exciting tasks for our trainees, as this special project proves. Our industrial mechanics-in-training in Heidenheim repaired and reinstalled for example the old water turbine of the Rappenmühle (Rappen-Mill) in Ballmertshofen – with historical assembly methods.

          Voith’s Francis turbine had been working without interruptions since 1912 and had generated sustainable electricity for 106 years. After decades of operation, however, some parts needed to be replaced. The challenge for our trainees: making the necessary machine parts, but with traditional methods. The result: a success! Today, the Rappenmühle (Rappen-Mill) once more generates clean power and runs smoothly.

          Historical water turbine reinstalled

          FAQ about apprenticeships at Voith

            How can I apply for an apprenticeship at Voith?

            You can apply for an apprenticeship at Voith through our job portal from July 1st until September 30th. Our exact application periods are different at each location. Feel free to get in touch for more information. 

            What does Voith offer me in addition to training?

            In addition to the training, we offer you professional seminars and other interesting benefits. Here are some examples:

            • In construction engineering, you can obtain the DVS welder license.
            • For commercial apprentices, we offer language courses in England.
            • As a mechatronic technician, you can request postings in different European countries.

            How do I meet my fellow trainees?

            You’ll meet your new Heidenheim colleagues on our start-up day in Austria, starting your apprenticeship together. At Voith, we emphasize collaboration in occupational groups as well as mixed teams. You’ll learn more about our company during that first week together.

            What’s the application process for an apprenticeship?

            The application process for an apprenticeship at Voith is simple: You apply online via our job portal and are then invited to a test and a meeting. You will then receive an acceptance or rejection letter from us.

            Will you offer me a job after my apprenticeship?

            Yes, after your apprenticeship, we’ll offer you a job. We need you for many exciting and challenging tasks at Voith. Therefore, we try to create an environment that invites our trainees to stay with us.

            Benedikt Haschka
            I always tell my friends how much I enjoy the diverse tasks and varied workdays at Voith. Plus, it's a future-proof job with a good salary.
            Benedikt Haschka, Industrial mechanic trainee, Voith Group

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