Maximum power? It’s better to drive smarter!

The digital software configuration upgrade for your DIWA automatic transmission in buses

    Do you want to reduce fuel costs and improve ride comfort? OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate makes it easy!
    As a bus fleet operator, you know only too well that moving off, accelerating, going uphill, going downhill, city driving, country driving, traffic jams, flowing traffic, full buses or empty buses can all affect your fuel consumption.

    And what’s more, until now, the driving style of your bus driver has been crucial. This is precisely where bus fleet operators, operations managers and schedulers can make significant savings. In the future, your bus drivers will be able to concentrate even more on safely transporting your passengers and keeping to their timetables – thanks to smarter limits and accurate support when their driving techniques are less than ideal. Get digital support on board! By integrating OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate software into the Voith DIWA automatic transmission system, fleet operators can fare much better. Virtually unnoticeable for the bus driver and with no need for driver training, OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate steps in whenever the acceleration deviates from a preset default. The maximum admissible engine torque is limited dynamically depending on the actual environmental parameters like vehicle speed, topography, acceleration and vehicle weight. The software does the hard work, and the driver just has to steer.

    Principle of OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate

      The benefits? Lower fuel consumption, fewer harmful CO2 emissions, less wear on engine and brakes.

      Satisfied passengers thanks to a smoother ride. And satisfied operators, when they look at their fuel consumption figures. At Voith, we make this happen by deploying our extensive experience in drive technologies and special expertise in the public transport segment. We have the domain knowledge to determine how to achieve maximum performance in the respective driving situation. And we focus on a significant increase in efficiency for bus operators.

      Max. admissible engine power with OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate

      OnEfficiency.Smart Accelerate
      Around 200,000 buses with DIWA automatic transmission
      Fuel consumption down by 5% on average
      Around 3,000 kg reduced CO2 emissions
      Fuel savings of roughly 1,200 liters per year per bus *
      * based on a mileage of 60,000 km/year and an average fuel consumption of 40 l/100 km

      Impressive figures from the field

      Gato Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

      Driving in São Paulo means a lot of stopping, starting and dealing with traffic jams. This scenario offers the ideal conditions and some genuine challenges for testing the system. Bus company Gato Preto is one of the first of Voith’s customers to test this concept in the Brazilian metropolis. For more than 80 years, Gato Preto has been helping to manage public transport needs in São Paulo. Apart from transporting the city’s population, the company’s goals include the ongoing improvement of processes, the training and professional development of its workforce, and the constant reduction of harmful emissions to protect the environment. The company’s fleet consists of vehicles from various manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Scania and Volvo. Gato Preto services, repairs and equips the vehicles itself. For the pilot project, the DIWA.5 transmissions were fitted with OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate.

      It is the sum total of the advantages that convinced us to test DIWA in combination with OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate.
      Fernando Gatti Moroni de Padua Lima
      Director of Viação Gato Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
      Average fuel savings

      All the benefits at a glance


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