Voith Turbo Oil Gas Platform 20 AS
OnCare.Health Vorecon

Data diagnostic system

OnCare.Health Vorecon – The system learns, monitors, and diagnoses in real-time

Minimizing maintenance costs and increasing the availability of your critical drivetrain. Unlike other machine protection systems in the power, oil and gas industries, OnCare.Health Vorecon is self-learning. The data diagnostic system analyzes the machine’s condition continuously and predicts future behavior through the use of accurate signal analysis and data diagnostics.

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Voith offers three tailor-made solutions

    Smart limits

    Significant changes in the machine’s behavior are detected quickly before any alarm or trip occurs.

    Voith OnCare.Health Vorecon - Trend Analysis

    Health indicator

    Based on actual load cycles, the remaining bearing lifetime is calculated. With the signal fingerprint, the health status of the machine is evaluated, and recommendations for service actions are provided.

    Voith OnCare.Health Vorecon - Health indicator

    Efficiency calculator

    The current and historic machine efficiency is shown, with the potential for operational or gear optimization suggested.

    Voith OnCare.Health Vorecon - Efficiency calculator

    Benefits at a glance

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    Enhanced machine insights

    Monitoring, recording, analyzing and visualizing Vorecon operating data, hours and modes

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    Early detection of machine condition deviations

    This diagnostic system learns the reference values independently whilst continuously monitoring the signals from the machine. Should machine conditions change, these changes are identified and rated

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    Quick root cause analysis

    Remote machine access upon demand

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    Optimized spare part inventory and service scheduling

    A monthly service report provides an overall machine performance diagnosis, maintenance and service recommendation

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    Reduced maintenance costs

    Condition based maintenance planning and spare part warehousing

    Discover the applications where the self-learning diagnostic system monitors your Vorecon’s ‘Heartbeat’

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