Voith Inline Thruster & Voith Inline Propulsor

Voith Inline Thruster & Voith Inline Propulsor

Compact, Smooth and Fast Responding: Voith Inline Thruster & Voith Inline Propulsor

Their very smooth running increases on-board comfort. Their fast response to steering commands makes dynamic positioning easier in every situation. This combination makes it possible to use the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) and the Voith Inline Propeller (VIP) in a wide range of applications.

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All benefits at a glance

    Voith Turbo Inline Thruster
    Reduced installation space
    Flexible installation due to reduced necessary installation space
    Maintenance-free motor
    Maintenance-free motor
    Large torque transfer
    Large torque transfer without transmission losses
    High-resistant material
    Propellers made of high-resistant bronze material
    Cooling system
    Seawater cooled unit, no additional cooling system required
    Low noise and vibration
    Low noise and vibration
    Voith Turbo Inline Thruster

    Wide range of applications

      Voith provides propulsion sytems tailored to a wide range of applications

      Precise maneuverability and high reliability

        Due to its construction, the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) requires neither a drive shaft nor a transmission. This leads to a direct transfer of the input power, which increases thrust effect and hence efficiency. Depending on the application, either patented slide bearings lubricated with seawater or oil lubricated roller bearings provide a compact design. The blade ends that face inward increase the smooth running and reduce vibrations for passenger comfort.

        Owners and crews of luxurious yachts, offshore support vessels and cruise ships also appreciate the maneuvering and propulsion system because of its short response times to steering commands that make precise dynamic positioning easier at all times.

        In addition to the application as a transverse thruster, Voith also offers the system as the Voith Inline Propulsor (VIP), a swing-out system that can pivot 360 degrees. It combines the advantages of the VIT with those of an azimuthing steerable propulsion system and can be used, for example, as a maneuvering aid for dynamic positioning or as an auxiliary propulsion system.

        Thanks to their compact design and simple installation, it is easy to retrofit both the VIT and the VIP.

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            Why use Voith Service?

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