10 Years DrivAx CLDP 10 Years DrivAx CLDP

Looking back on a success story

Ten years ago, Voith presented the world's first self-contained servo drive to the public, the DrivAx CLDP. For drive technology, this meant a revolution. As an alternative to valve-controlled hydraulic drives, it opened up completely new possibilities. The movement of the actuator is no longer controlled by a control valve but by a servo motor. The force is thereby transmitted by a variable-speed internal gear pump. Motor, pump and actuator are directly connected – eliminating the need for piping, power units, oil tanks and filters. This compact, self-contained design has become the new standard for modern servo hydraulics.

The DrivAx CLDP not only convinces users of hydraulic systems but is also an alternative for electromechanical drives, as it combines the ruggedness and force density of hydraulics with the controllability of servo technology. In the meantime, well over 1,000 axes are in use and both machine builders and end users can no longer imagine life without it.

But even innovative technology must be further developed. That's why Voith engineers have been constantly working to make the DrivAx CLDP even more efficient, robust, dynamic and ready for Industry 4.0 applications.

On its 10th birthday, two additional sizes are introduced to the DrivAx CLDP family. These will allow even more precise adaption to the customer application. Thus, not only are investment costs in the drive train reduced, but also energy consumption. Voith also offers various additional functions for specific machine processes, as well as solutions for the entire automation of the drive system.

DrivAx CLDP - Self-contained servo drives
Hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

The most important benefits at a glance

Welcome to the hydraulics of tomorrow
Energy savings
Reduction of the fluid volume
Reduction of the construction volume
Reduction of noise emission
Increased service life
Variants in the modular system for easy design-in

In use for 10 years

Over the past 10 years, the use of the DrivAx CLDP has saved a total of around 750,000 liters of hydraulic oil, thus making an important contribution to protecting the environment.
Approximately 30,000 tons have been lifted with the DrivAx CLDP servo drives sold to date. This is equivalent to the weight of 5,000 adult African elephants.
In 10 years of use, the DrivAx CLDP has lifted a combined distance of approximately 135,000 kilometers. That is more than three times the circumference of the Earth.
load changes
The DrivAx CLDP is a powerhouse with great endurance and low maintenance. Pump and actuator are virtually wear-free, proven components, and the reduced complexity of the system guarantees long maintenance intervals. Service is generally only required after around 10 million load changes or three years of operation. Converted, this corresponds to a distance of approximately one million kilometers with a car until the first service.

Welcome to the
hydraulics of tomorrow

Hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

The future starts now

The self-contained drive DrivAx CLDP offers the highest variety of configurations in the family of Voith servo-hydraulic drives. Thanks to the preconfigured modular system, adjustments to the customer application can be made quickly and easily.

Also at control level, the DrivAx CLDP offers maximum flexibility; thanks to standard interfaces, it can be treated like an electromechanical drive. For the machine builder, this not only makes integration into the system easier but also reduces commissioning effort to a minimum. For the operator, this means maximum flexibility in adapting to different production processes.

The DrivAx CLDP is by far the most sought-after and highly valued model and is perfectly suited to industrial applications of various kinds.

High dynamics and productivity
Industry 4.0 ready
Easy system integration
Resource-saving and very high energy efficiency
Almost wear-free
Force and/or position control
Amortization within the first year
DrivAx CLDP - Self-contained servo drives

What our customers say

Self-contained servo drives are a guarantee for success in the development of our modular and highly productive profiling system 4.1. Three drives are used per blanking module, and one drive on a flying shear with 200 kN each in the cutting module are used. These drives perform up to 115 strokes per minute. Despite the high force and high dynamics, the drives can be controlled with high precision. This means that energy is only consumed when it is really needed. In addition, some of the energy used can be recovered. Enormous savings can be achieved in this way, often around 50% to 60%. This protects the environment and saves additional costs in ongoing operation.
Manfred Roth, Managing Director PROFILMETALL Engineering GmbH
DrivAx CLDP - Self-contained servo drives
DrivAx CLDP - Self-contained servo drives
Operators of an IABG plant with DrivAx CLDP drives from Voith benefit from many advantages! In addition to the significant power savings, the linear drives enabled a reduction in consumption of resources, as they operate with a significantly lower oil quantity. Above all, they expand the inspection portfolio significantly and increase productivity.
Sebastian Hoffmann, Department Manager IABG mbH
We have already used the DrivAx CLDP drives in various plants and applications. As a manufacturer of special machines, we see particular advantages in the compact design and the simple mechanical and software integration. Thanks to preconfigured software modules, we can also easily map more complex motion sequences. The integrated sensor technology also offers extensive possibilities for process control and process data recording. Compared to electric spindle drives, we experience the increased service life and low maintenance requirements of the DrivAx CLDP as particularly advantageous. In the overall package, this makes the DrivAx CLDP a very attractive alternative to individual hydraulic solutions with proportional valves and to electromechanical drives.
Markus Scheibner, Managing Director pewag Engineering GmbH
Markus Scheibner, Managing Director PEWAG Group

Want to learn more about DrivAx drives?

The new DrivAx family
The new DrivAx family

DrivAx servo drives are suitable for all linear movements requiring high forces and precision. They consist of a variable speed pump and a servo motor, which simultaneously serves as drive and control for the actuator. DrivAx drives make hydraulics more economical and sustainable. Only the actual amount of power needed for the process is generated from electrical energy. Hence, DrivAx servo drives use up to 80% less energy than conventional hydraulic systems. It’s not only the environment that benefits.


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