Ohio River

Ohio River, USA

Turning dams into power stations

Installing new hydropower plants in existing dams and locks is, in a number of ways, a "plus" for both the environment and the economy.

The US power plant operator, American Municipal Power Ohio, is breaking new ground and building four new hydroelectric power plants along the Ohio River at existing dams and locks. In this way, the electricity supplier is generating growth from renewable energy without the need for additional environmental impact.

The technical equipment is being supplied by Voith from York, Pennsylvania, USA. The new hydropower plants are located in the states of West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Voith is supplying technical equipment with a total capacity of 313 megawatts. The complete package includes generators, turbines and automation systems. The first three projects, Willow Island, Cannelton and Smithland, were fitted with eight turbines that provide a total output of 208 megawatts. The fourth power station, Mehldahl, alone has a capacity of a further 105 MW.

It is planned to build a further five power plant projects along the Ohio River at existing dams and locks. The development of renewable energy from hydropower plants in the USA will be significantly stimulated by these projects.