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Large hydro Plants

Large hydro Plants

Experience and excellence in large hydro plants

Hydropower plants are the most efficient generators of electricity in the world

    They lie on all major rivers and provide a reliable source of power for growth regions as well as industrial nations. They ensure that millions of people have access to light and heat, education and work

    Complete outfitting for large hydropower

    Voith supplies the technology for the largest and most powerful hydroelectric power stations on the planet. As a partner to the industry and a full-line supplier, the company develops and produces all of the components.

    As reliable and accurate as clockwork

    The individual components of large hydropower plants weigh hundreds of tons and run like clockwork. For decades, they convert the inexhaustible power of water into electricity. Their capacity is many times greater than that of coal or nuclear power stations.

    Flood protection and development

    Large projects have proven themselves in practice as untiring suppliers of renewable energy. They supply industry, transportation systems, communities and private households with a reliable source of electricity. With the help of dams, they provide flood protection and improve the navigability of rivers.

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    The potential of North America's rivers

      In the United States of America, there are approximately 84 000 dams and weirs. Only three percent of these existing dams and weirs are currently used to produce electricity. This represents large, previously untapped potential for the further development of renewable energy in the USA.