The most beautiful hydropower plant in Norway – How we reconcile nature and sustainable energy generation


Øvre Forsland – Hydropower as the foundation of sustainable energy generation

The untouched nature is one of Norway's greatest treasures. At the same time, the wealth of mountain streams and rivers forms the basis for sustainable energy generation through hydropower. The Norwegian energy supplier Helgeland Kraft is breaking new ground with the Øvre Forsland hydropower plant: The technologically and architecturally groundbreaking hydropower plant is intended to raise awareness among the population for the harmonious interplay of nature and technology. This is where Voith's Small Hydro Products and Services come in.

The transparency of the building’s architecture allows people to take a close look at these high-level technologies: the turbines and generators as the heart of the power plant.
Torkil Nersund, Production Manager, Helgeland Kraft

Water-to-Wire – efficient complete solutions from one source

For the technical design and implementation of the new power plant, Helgeland Kraft relied on Voith's Small Hydro products and services. A special feature of the "Water-to-Wire" solutions: All electrical, hydraulic and control components are ideally matched to each other and perfectly adapted to local conditions. Thus, even small amounts of water and heads can be optimally used for energy generation. The medium-sized Øvre Forsland hydropower plant produces around 33 GWh annually. This corresponds to the annual energy requirements of 1,700 households.

Small hydropower plant Øvre Forsland, Norway

In operation since august 2015

  • Rated Head: 160 m
  • Rated Output: 2 x 5 MW

Scope of delivery from Voith: 

2 Francis turbines, generator, automation as well as Balance of Plant electrical and mechanical

To make the complete value chain and solutions as safe, durable and maintenance-friendly as possible, Helgeland Kraft relied on our HyService.
Karl Jonsrud, Project Manager, Voith Hydro

HyService – for lasting optimum performance and service life

For the Øvre Forsland hydropower plant, Helgeland Kraft uses a tailor-made service level agreement with services in the areas of maintenance and operation, spare parts and repair. Comprehensive diagnostic procedures and service tools as well as flexible service teams that are always ready for action guarantee permanent plant availability with minimum downtimes.

Innovative Turbine Technology

As a leading supplier of hydraulic machines, we have influenced the development of various turbine types. We continuously work on their optimisation and further development – and promote innovation. This also allows us to create eco-friendly alternatives.

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High-performance Generators

Our generators stand out for their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. For every speed range and for horizontal or vertical designs - we always offer the most modern technical solutions and integrate these in your system.

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