Free virtual reality applications for paper manufacturers

Taking a tour of a paper machine or stock preparation from the comfort of your office or home? Our virtual reality applications make it possible! With the help of the immersive and user-friendly application, paper manufacturers can experience our machines and individual components up close in a virtual space.

Our web virtual reality applications give you a first impression of what you can expect with Virtual Reality Solutions by Voith Paper. By clicking on the buttons below you can access the web-based versions. For the best experience, we recommend the use of cardboard VR glasses for your smartphone.

Stock preparation: TwinPulp System for LC pulping

The Voith TwinPulp system is the benchmark for LC pulping systems worldwide. The combination of proven key components like the IntensaPulper, IntensaMaXX, IntensaScreenDrum etc. guarantees trouble-free contaminant treatment with minimal fiber loss.

This 360° video gives you an authentic insight into our reference installation at Schoellershammer PM 6. The tour starts at the waste paper storage and leads you through the single pulping machines to the reject bunker. Turn your device or drag your finger to move around and explore every angle - and don`t forget to look down!

Packaging paper machine

Our XcelLine packaging paper machines provide an efficient yet resource-conserving production of packaging papers.

Experience our Voith XcelLine testliner machine, as well as some of its most important components, up close in a virtual space. In a very vivid way, you can now learn more about our cutting-edge, highly efficient technologies that are used for the production of packaging paper. This provides you with insights into the product-specific benefits that are being enjoyed by our customers worldwide.

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