Leading curtain coating technology

    Best coverage meets compact design

      DynaLayer, the latest curtain coater from Voith, enables an excellent application of color with an unprecedented compact design that works completely without an enclosure.

      Curtain coating is a technology where the coating color is applied to the paper with a very uniform layer. This achieves a particularly even coating and the best coverage of all coating methods.

      For trouble-free operation, the area around the curtain coater must be controlled and shielded by an enclosure from the surrounding production environment. DynaLayer, the innovative curtain coater from Voith, can now be operated completely without an enclosure and still ensure the highest quality coating application.

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      Innovative head insulation

      New technology to avoid condensation at the nozzle lips

      The newly developed insulation cover and an air purge on both sides remove environmental moist air at the nozzle lips. This effectively prevents potential condensation that could lead to defects in the coating.

      Protective air shields

      Effective protection of the color curtain from external influences

      Another advantage of the DynaLayer compared to other curtain coaters are the Voith air shields. They prevent any negative impact from the surrounding production environment – such as airflow – which could otherwise disturb the color curtain. The air shields create a permanent flowing and transparent air barrier that protects the color curtain. Additionally, the operator is able to reach through the air stream without creating turbulences or negative influences on the application.

      DynaLayer product family

        With or without the enclosure, as a single-layer or double-layer application, and overboard or inboard – DynaLayer is available in different variants to suit your needs.

        DynaLayer without enclosure

        Benefit from the latest advancements

        DynaLayer is the first curtain coater on the market that can completely operate without an enclosure. The new insulation cover, as well as the air shields developed by Voith, ensure the quality of the application.

        Features and benefits

        • Stable process and product quality
        • Low operating and maintenance costs
        • Excellent access for operators
        • Best runability for online and offline installations
        • No condensation at the nozzle
        • Perfect protection of the curtain by air shields
        • Compact design

        DynaLayer with enclosure

        Stay with the tried and true

        For those who prefer a more conventional design, DynaLayer is also available in the classical version with an enclosure.

        Features and benefits

        • Structural, robust protection of the coating unit
        • Pleasant air conditioning in the enclosure
        • Stable process and product quality

        DynaLayer with single-layer application

        Perfect coverage with only one layer

        Due to the particularly even application and very good coverage of the curtain coating method, DynaLayer in the single-layer concept is completely sufficient in most cases.

        Features and benefits

        • Uniform color application
        • Excellent coverage
        • Wide application range
        • Highest runability
        • Economical use of resources

        DynaLayer with double-layer application

        Two layers in one pass

        For more demanding applications – for example, when two different coatings must be applied to the paper, or if a protective coating is used – DynaLayer is also available in a two-layer concept.

        Features and benefits

        • Two perfect layers in only one process step
        • Different coatings possible
        • Particularly suitable for barrier coatings
        • High runability
        • Easy rebuild from single- to double-layer application

        DynaLayer with overboard mode

        The easy solution for single-layer applications

        Overboard means that the color curtain is wider than the web. This ensures a uniform application over the entire width of the paper. The overflow is collected in the color return pan and recirculated to the working station so it can be used again.

        Features and benefits

        • Coating over the entire paper width
        • Excess color can be reused
        • No additional edge guidance needed
        • Easy operation

        DynaLayer with inboard mode

        Ensuring the best use of two different coatings

        The application of two different layers causes a mixed overflow that is not reusable if joint color components cannot be accepted. To avoid expensive color losses, DynaLayer is available with an inboard-mode feature. A water-lubricated edge guide system ensures that the curtain is limited to a narrower width than the running web. This leads to a thin uncoated edge, similar to that delivered by conventional coater stations. Thus, it ensures that no color is wasted.

        Features and benefits

        • Prevents a mixed overflow
        • No waste of valuable color
        • Ideal for different color applications
        • Best edge guide system on the market

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          Christoph Henninger

          Global Product Manager


          t +49 7321 37 3302

          Curtain coating innovation

            With its ease of handling and outstanding coating quality, the DF Coat has evolved into an efficient alternative to conventional coaters. Through several refinements, Voith’s new DynaLayer is extending the range of uses for non-contact coating applications and increasing the economic efficiency for paper producers.

            Engineered for success

              meters wide DynaLayer started up in 2012 – by far the widest curtain coater ever
              m/min runs the fastest curtain coater. This world record was achieved with a Voith coater.
              web breaks with DynaLayer
              percent less water per day to be evaporated compared to air knife
              Congrats to the Voith researchers and technologists; a critical issue of curtain coating applications is solved.
              Domenico Iafrate, Paper and Board Consultant

              Servolution. Service at the next level

                A worldwide network of Voith specialists provide a tailored service which is supported by the knowledge and experience gained from years of paper industry experience.

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