XcelLine Paper Machines

XcelLine Paper Machines

XcelLine. Xcellent Performance.

With XcelLine paper machines, Voith offers efficient paper production of every paper grade on a new level. All single components, technologies and services are perfectly coordinated and integrated. Their interplay leads to excellent performance over the entire lifecycle of the paper machine. Perfect design, coordination and reliability of all secondary systems are also part of Voith’s scope of supply.

There is another important factor with complex systems – professional project execution. All components have to intertwine like the cogwheels in a gear mechanism. With the Process Line Package (PLP), we have perfected a low risk, cost-effective method for quickly implementing complex projects. By assuming overall responsibility, organizational effort for the customer is minimized and the costs of the total project become transparent.

By linking and networking the products and processes, we make paper production even more profitable and pave the way to the papermaking of the future. Our primary focus here is always on our customers and their needs. Every Voith customer gets exactly the paper machine according to his requirements.

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XcelLine Benefits

Winner German Sustainability Award
German Sustainability Award Design 2023
Winner of prestigious award

Voith Paper's XcelLine paper machines won the third German Sustainability Award (DNP) in the Design competition, Vision category. Already today, Voith's XcelLine paper machines are characterized by significantly reduced energy consumption, increased utilization of the paper fiber's potential, and significantly reduced water consumption. Voith Paper's visionary design study for the paper production of the future strives for CO2-neutral paper production that relies on alternative energy sources and does not require fossil fuels. 

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Discover the paper production line of the future

    With a visionary design study, Voith Paper is creating the paper production line of the future. The design particularly focuses on improved efficiency and ease of maintenance.

    As a full-line supplier, Voith has considered all aspects of the paper production process for an integrated concept. Maintenance and operation of the facility are simplified, a higher degree of interconnectedness reduces interfaces, and an appealing design ensures a consistent overall look, while at the same time improving efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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    We are your expert for all paper grades

      Voith Paper is your partner for optimized paper production. We serve all types of paper and have unbeatable industry knowledge thanks to strong partnerships such as BTG and Toscotec.


      From packaging to advertising medium

      As the base material for a range of high-quality packaging options, cartonboard is omnipresent. It plays an especially large role as packaging in the modern world. Beverages, shoes, toys and cosmetics – they are all packed in various grades of cartonboard, and they all have different requirements for the raw material.

      As a leading supplier to the paper industry, our cartonboard machines offer excellent formation, maximum dry contents, optimum web guiding and superlative runability.

      From packaging to advertising medium
      From packaging
      Great packaging that conserves resources
      Great packaging

      Great packaging that conserves resources

      In an era of growing e-commerce, packaging solutions made from containerboard are becoming increasingly important. Together with cartonboard, containerboard constitutes the largest portion of packaging material, even more than glass, metal or plastic. It is multi-purpose, clean and flexible.

      As a full-line supplier for containerboard machines, we provide efficient yet resource-conserving solutions, such as production based on 100 percent recovered paper.

      Specialty papers

      Special technologies for special papers

      Besides well-known grades like newsprint, paper machines also produce paper for tea bags, bank notes, wallpaper and décor coverings for furniture. As the demand rises for alternatives to the mostly plastic-based packaging used for food and confectionery, new types of flexible packaging papers that are recyclable and have barrier properties – such as aroma- and grease-proofing – have been developed.

      It takes a very special kind of expertise to manufacture specialty papers. This is why for each specialty paper, our production technologies are tailored to the specific application.

      Special technologies for special papers
      Special technologies
      All information has its value – and its paper
      Its value – and its paper
      Graphic paper

      All information has its value – and its paper

      For centuries, the great merit of graphic paper as a carrier of information has been as a storage medium for knowledge. All information is valuable, no doubt, but the paper on which it is printed can sometimes vary greatly.

      Voith's high-speed machines make it a global leader, especially in the area of newsprint and magazine paper.

      Tissue paper

      Indispensable and versatile

      Tissue papers improve our everyday lives. They are tear-resistant, highly absorbent, soft and sanitary. Due to improved standards of living and hygiene, the global consumption of products such as paper handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, napkins and toilet paper is increasing rapidly.

      Therefore, manufacturers need a reliable partner. Together with its partners Toscotec and BTG, Voith is your supplier and partner for successful tissue paper manufacturing.

      Indispensable and versatile

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