SpeedSizer AT

Uniform film application for outstanding profiles

    During sizing and coating, SpeedSizer AT applies the film uniformly and flawlessly, thereby improving paper characteristics, penetration and surface coverage in a targeted fashion.

    Whether for sizing or coating – SpeedSizer AT is the standard for technically demanding film presses. The successful synergy of proven technology and latest developments in the materials area speaks for itself in this innovative development. The patented design of SpeedSizer AT combines the carbon-fiber support beam with the nozzle applicator made of stainless steel in an ideal manner. The very low thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fibers ensures best thermal and mechanical stability as base for excellent CD profiles. SpeedSizer AT offers best runability for long steady production runs and an especially high level of user friendliness.

    SpeedSizer AT is the ideal applicator unit for sizing or coating on fast-running paper machines for all paper grades, as well as for various functional coats for specialty paper.

    SpeedSizer is the market leader for film press with more than 300 operational installations
    Zero deformation by leading carbon-fiber technology results in continuous perfect profiles

    Your benefits with SpeedSizer AT

    • Uniform film application for a wide range of different applications
    • Continuous perfect profiles under all operating conditions
    • Excellent runability for long steady production runs
    • Simple maintenance and user-friendly controls and operation

    Design overview

    1 – Applicator roll
    2 – Applicator beam
    3 – Applicator
    4 – Return pan
    5 – Save-all pan
    6 – Machine frame

    Coating method

    Uniform film application and excellent coverage

    The machine-wide slot nozzle for perfect media distribution in cross direction (CD) and contour coating by transfer in the roll nip open the field for a lot of applications.

    Application range

    SpeedSizer AT offers the flexibility to expand paper grades and qualities on the same machine.

    Select your speedsizer AT configuration

      Thanks to the modular concept, SpeedSizer AT offers a variety of configuration options. Thus, it allows individual configuration for your specific application without compromises. To give you an overview, we have selected two typical design examples.

      Configuration for reliable starch application

      1 – Smart applicator design with carbon fiber support beam
      2 – High line load by hydraulic actuation
      3 – Low deformation rolls with hard covers
      4 – Profiled metering rods with manual profile correction
      5 – Single walled return pan

      This configuration shows a typical setup for starch application on packaging grades.

      Top-of-the-line configuration

      1 – Smart applicator design with carbon fiber support beam
      2 – High accuracy for low line load with distance control by nip relieving device
      3 – Optimized rolls with soft covers
      4 – Smooth metering rods with automatic CD profile system ModuleSpeed
      5 – Double-walled cooled return pan

      This configuration shows a typical setup for coating of graphical and specialty grades.

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        Global Product Manager


        t +49 7321 37 3302

        Engineered for success

          In my opinion one of best parts of this machine are sizer roll system and beam system.
          Ersin Şahin, Production Manager of Modern Karton PM 5
          percent saving potential in production time during unplanned hose change. With SpeedRod M the hose change take place outside of the film press.
          20 - 450 g/m² basis weight range is in operation with a wide scope of applications.
          Proven ROI of only 10 month for replacing SpraySizer by SpeedSizer applicators.
          SpeedSizers are installed online in the Hainan PM 2. It is the largest paper machine in the world and the only one in which three SpeedSizers are installed for sizing and coating.

          Coating Technology Centers

            The pilot coaters at our technology centers offer the perfect opportunity to study coating processes and paper properties under real conditions. We provide you with the support you need to develop your own customized coating concept, carry out trials right up to the printing stage, and undertake basic studies to analyze the influence of machine parameters, coating colors or base paper on coated paper properties.
            Learn more about our Coating Technology Centers

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