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Increase edge stability and profit from uniform paper quality

Voith offers several components for efficient edge control on wires in top formers and Fourdrinier formers. For each application, a well-proven solution is available to improve machine runability and basis weight cross profile quality.

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    Save costs and increase edge stability

    The unique EdgeSaver edge trimming concept makes it possible to separate the web edge already in the exiting headbox jet. This not only saves valuable raw materials such as virgin fibers, but also reduces the energy requirements of your paper production. 
    Discover the blade of our new EdgeSaver:

    With conventional systems, edge trimming on multi-ply machines takes place only after couching, so that the resulting mixed trim residues can only be returned to the circuit of lower quality.

    In contrast, the innovative design of the EdgeSaver blade, provides a simple and energy-efficient solution to adjust the web edge directly in the headbox jet. Fibers in excess of the required web width are not lost in the couch pit, as they are discharged before the suspension hits the wire. The discharged stock suspension can thus be returned directly to the primary fiber stock circuit in a single-sort process.
    Thanks to the specially manufactured side shield, with adjustable „S“-shaped offset, the EdgeSaver enables edge waves to be minimized, thus improving edge stability. The teflon seal on the underside of the side shield provides an optimal seal to the forming fabric.
    Changing the wire is also no hurdle: The clever swiveling device enables convenient replacement of the forming fabric without having to restore the optimized settings on the EdgeSaver afterwards.

    Would you like to know how this works? You can find all the details in the product sheet: 

    Product sheet
    The EdgeSaver enables us to variably adjust the paper web width without major rebuild measures. Even with changing production parameters, we are able to produce without restrictions with the EdgeSaver from Voith, thus reducing breaks and production losses due to defects in the edge area. In addition to the reliable production suitability, we are also convinced by the new sealing technology, which can be readjusted during operation and does not endanger the forming fabrics in any way.
    Andreas Jaeger, Plant Manager MM Neuss GmbH

    Your benefits:

    • Significant savings on high quality pulp grades
    • No high pressure or fresh water required for separation
    • Flexible and easy adjustment of headbox jet width
    • Fast return on investment of only a few months
    • Suitable for headboxes of all manufacturers
    • Service position for quick wire changes and maintenance
    • Adjustable while the machine is running

    By using the Voith EdgeSaver we consume less energy and therefore reduce our carbon footprint, because the product allows high-quality fibers to be retained.
    This means, we not only produce more sustainably, but also more cost-efficiently. In addition, we are convinced by the EdgeSaver's ease of use as well as its reliable operation throughout.
    Oliver Kern, Plant Manager Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel


    Edge control for optimal paper web edge

    EdgeMaster is a variably adjustable extension of the headbox format plate. In the Fourdrinier wire and the hybrid former, it provides for uniform distribution of the stock suspension up to the edge.

    By setting the position of the EdgeMaster in machine direction, it can be optimally adapted to the shape of the flow. Positioning screws allow precise lifting, lowering and pivoting. Water flushing prevents the suspension from flowing under the edge control device. In addition, spray water nozzles continuously moisten the surfaces in contact with the stock, enabling trouble-free production.
    The EdgeMaster is retrofitted with an adapter plate extension to the existing headbox or by supplying a new format plate.
    EdgeMaster is used at headboxes for Fourdrinier wire and hybrid former paper machines. These devices are frequently combined with wire edge lifters (EdgeCurlers).


    Clean paper edge and wire edge at the Fourdrinier wire

    Using the EdgeCurler wire edge lifter prevents the stock suspension from bleeding at the wire. The result is a clean paper edge and wire edge.

    The EdgeCurler’s rugged, ceramic, contoured material prevents wire abrasion and ensures a long service life. To prevent the stock suspension from bleeding at the paper web edge on the Fourdrinier wire, an EdgeMaster or EdgeDeckle is combined with the EdgeCurler. Thanks to the easy adjustment of the wire edge lifter, the profile can be very easily adjusted manually, depending on the requirements. In addition, there is no impediment when changing the wire.
    EdgeCurler is used at the Fourdrinier wire and prevents bleeding of the stock suspension at the paper web edge.


    Uniform paper quality in the edge area

    The EdgeDeckle is used to control the edge on Fourdrinier wires with large lip openings. It prevents the stock suspension from bleeding at the sides and provides for cleanliness in the headbox.

    The EdgeDeckle prevents the stock suspension from bleeding at the Fourdrinier wire edge by means of a sealing strip. The optimal distance between edge control and wire is set with simple adjustment mechanisms. The remaining gap between sealing strip and wire is sealed from the outside with a spray tube. Setting the sealing strips prevents stock ripples from forming. Mechanical adjustment of the format width can be done even while the machine is running. In order to prevent build-up of fibers on the EdgeDeckle, all surfaces are wetted with a film of water.
    The EdgeDeckle is used at Fourdrinier wires with large lip openings. The edge control can be easily retrofitted on any headbox.


    Saves fresh fibers and keeps the wire edges clean

    EdgeCleaner cleans the edges of Fourdrinier or top wires with adjustable fan-type nozzles, thereby reducing wire edge contamination and increasing wire running time.

    Fibers and fillers carried along on the wire edge are sprayed off by the EdgeCleaner nozzles and collected in the whitewater pan. Since fibers of different plies are not mixed with one another, returning the raw materials to the short cycle saves valuable fresh fibers. All settings of the fan-type nozzles are fixed with adjusting screws. When changing the wire, EdgeCleaner can be pivoted away via a pivot point so as not to interfere with the changing of the wire. The fan-type nozzles and return funnel are kept moist by spray nozzles to prevent fiber build-up.
    EdgeCleaner is used in Fourdrinier or top wires for cleaning the wire edges.

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