Forming concepts

Forming the paper sheet with excellence

    The fiber arrangement in the sheet will define the great majority of the properties desired in the final paper product. The forming section, therefore, performs the most important role in this regard. It initiates the water removal from the suspension in a controlled way that will result in the desired fiber distribution for a specific paper grade. Through its complete portfolio, Voith is able to provide the right products in the forming section for all paper grades.

    Voith forming concepts are not only designed to deliver the best set of paper properties but also to enhance operational experience through a clean, friendly and safe environment. They provide high efficiency due to low energy consumption devices plus the well-known reliability of the Voith branded products.

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    Portfolio of forming concepts

      DuoFormer CBh – Best value shoe-blade gap former

      The DuoFormer CBh uses a full ceramic-slotted impingement shoe ensuring the best combination of dewatering capacity and paper strength with minimum effort. Due to its compact design and high dewatering capacity, the DuoFormer CBh is the best solution when available space is at a premium, either for a new plant or a rebuild.
      The operation window of the DuoFormer CBh is wide. Production speeds of 1,600 m/min can be reached in a sustainable and reliable way. When combined with Voith's high suction box HiVac instead of the conventional suction couch roll, the DuoFormer CBh delivers the highest dry content with the lowest maintenance costs compared to market standard solutions.

      Your benefits with DuoFormer CBh

      • Advanced shoe technology
      • Better sheet formation
      • Compact design
      • High dryness before pickup
      • Improved paper quality

      Production boost up to 20% with DuoFormer CBh

      Successful rebuild at Smurfit Kappa Roermond PM 1
      We chose Voith to supply this shoe-blade gap former for Roermond PM 1 because of the high quality and technology level of their equipment and their people. Based on our past experiences with Voith delivering successful projects, we felt good about investing in their technology, because it pays off in the long term.

      Once again, the decision for Voith proved to be the right one. We had a great ramp-up curve from stock on wire to saleable quality within only one day after the rebuild that changed the entire forming section into an innovative DuoFormer CBh concept. We have seen a significant increase in the quality of our packaging papers and a production boost up 20% since the startup. Overall, we are very pleased with the results.
      Wouter Lap, Managing Director, Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier

      Multi-Fourdrinier – Flexible solutions and steady development

      The steady development of Voith's Multi-Fourdrinier concepts guarantees a fast ramp-up of production and quality through expertise and proven innovative technology. Voith's extensive know-how and experience acquired through the years – including the company’s fabrics business – ensure market-oriented Fourdrinier solutions with best performance. Voith Multi-Fourdriniers are suitable for conversions as well as new installations, reducing foundation costs due to compact design and innovative dewatering concepts.
      The XcelLine Fourdriniers are specially designed, focusing on the highest safety, best runability and cleanliness, easy maintenance and comfortable fabric and roll change thanks to advanced maintenance features with proven customer satisfaction. Additionally, smart products ensure increased operational savings combined with higher quality. The DuoFormer D II, DuoShake, FormingSens, EdgeExpert and VForm are just a few of Voith's smart products, allowing the economic and highly flexible operation of any multi-layer former.

      Your benefits with Multi-Fourdrinier

      • Highest grade and basis weight flexibility
      • Focus on clean design & cleanliness
      • Comfortable and fast fabric change with maximum safety
      • Compact design

      Rebuild with compact former design exceeds customer requirements

      Voith has successfully converted the LEIPA Group’s PM 5 from a newsprint to a packaging paper machine. The rebuild included the replacement of the existing forming section with a Multi-Fourdrinier including two MasterJet Pro headboxes. With the start-up of the PM 5 and a total capacity of 700,000 tons per year, LEIPA is the biggest producer of WTTL.

      With the rebuild of PM 5 from newsprint to packaging papers, we have further expanded our market position and thus secured the future of the production site in Schwedt with the highest paper quality. A decisive factor in choosing Voith was the new, very compact design of the Multi-Fourdrinier with DuoFormer D II, which optimally fulfilled our requirements, especially with regard to the height and length of the former and the technological properties. Our demanding specifications for minimum wire change times were thus not only met, but even exceeded.
      Falk Friedrich
      Mill Director at Leipa, plant Schwedt north, Germany

      DuoFormer D II – Advanced hybrid forming

      The remarkable flexibility of the DuoFormer D II allows its application in all paper grades with basis weights lower than 30 g/m2 to more than 200 g/m2. This former comes along with excellent formation and strength properties. A gain of 11% in burst index is proved in comparison to a conventional Fourdrinier.
      Highlights are the smooth wire merging by loadable blades and the enhanced fabric support from the curved shoe. The supported wire guiding and the high top wire suction box dewatering capacity allow a maximum operating speed up to 1,500 m/min. A worldwide reference list of more than 230 DuoFormer D represents the reliability of Voith's most successful former concept.

      Your benefits with DuoFormer D II

      • Increased speed and flexibility
      • High dewatering capacity
      • Enhanced controls for excellent paper quality
      • Improved formation and strength properties
      • Best profiles at high speed

      DuoFormer Base II – Roll-blade gap former with top performance

      The outstanding dewatering capacity of the DuoFormer Base II allows the highest production rates even with moderate furnish quality. Outstanding operational speeds up to 1,800 m/min can be reached with this former.

      The initial dewatering concept of this former plus the special design of its forming roll shell, without common shrink-on sleeves, make the DuoFormer Base II unbeatable when it comes to minimum specific costs per ton of paper at highest speeds. Speed is not the only outstanding attribute of the DuoFormer Base II. It supports a wide operation window; in some cases, a paper or layer above 180 g/m² is produced.

      The symmetric distribution of dewatering elements in the double wire zone ensures a very good and streak-free formation as well as strength properties, as friction is kept identical on both sides.

      The DuoFormer Base II is synonymous with easy operation, as the water line is always on the large diameter forming roll with its unique design. A worldwide reference list of 26 DuoFormer Base gap formers tells the story of Voith's most reliable and successful gap former concept of the last years.

      Your benefits with DuoFormer Base II

      • High dewatering capacity
      • Lowest operational costs
      • Wide operating window
      • Good formation and strength properties
      • Best gap former runability

      DuoFormer TQv II – Highest formation for graphic grades

      The DuoFormer TQv is a vertical roll-blade gap former that was developed for fast-running machines and ensures optimal sheet quality. The former section has a big influence on the quality of sheet formation, and for this reason, the DuoFormer TQv is the first choice for high production speeds.

      Due to the vertical arrangement of the dewatering elements, discharge of the white water is extremely simple. Suction deflectors and overflow weirs are not needed.

      The carefully designed features of movement enable an extremely high degree of serviceability in the compact forming zone as well as in other areas for changing rolls and the fabric. The optimized design and quantity of dewatering elements allow a very high lifetime of the fabrics without compromising the dewatering capacity.

      Thanks to an innovative arrangement of the dewatering elements and the well-proven Voith forming blade technology, the DuoFormer TQv delivers first-class formation results, especially on fast-running machines.


      Your benefits with DuoFormer TQv II

      • Highest formation properties
      • Very good dryness level
      • Long fabric lifetime
      • Easy accessibility and serviceability

      Key components

        Key components provided by Voith for the forming section increase paper quality and runability. High-end technology products lead to value added solutions for paper producers.

        DuoShake – Excellent formation through high-frequency shaking

        Sheet formation in the forming section has a considerable influence on paper quality and downstream processing. The system optimizes fiber orientation through high-frequency shaking of the breast roll. The result is excellent formation of all paper grades and a low tensile strength ratio. With its new product DuoShake DG (Digital Generation), Voith, in its capacity as technology leader and innovation driver, is taking the next step on its journey to Papermaking 4.0.
        Learn more about DuoShake

        VForm hydrofoils – Increase the performance of your forming section

        VForm hydrofoils allow individual adjustment of foil angle or height for each grade and basis weight. Thus, paper manufacturers benefit from maximum flexibility and an extended operating window. During a grade change, the hydrofoils can be adjusted automatically through the connection to the process control system.
        Learn more about VForm

        CleanLine Excell – Consistent and uniform cleaning of forming fabrics

        High fiber retention and uniform dewatering are key factors of performance in the forming section of your paper machine. CleanLine Excell cleans the surface and structure of forming fabrics more effectively than oscillating high pressure needle jet showers or standard traversing showers. The CleanLine Excell cleaning system uses less water than high pressure showers, significantly reduces chemical cleaning, and is even suitable for fine fabric surfaces.
        Learn more about CleanLine Excell

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          Engineered for success

            Up to 11m wide formers
            More than 240 references of hybrid formers running in the world
            1800 m/min for B&P grades thanks to DuoFormer Base II

            Paper and Board Technology Center

              At the Paper and Board Technology Center in Heidenheim, a paper machine and different test rigs allow you to examine your process under real conditions. A vast range of different paper grades can be tested. The pilot paper machine enables you to test different machine layouts and different machine settings – along with tailor-made fabrics. Chemical dosing and dosing applications with stock can be adapted to the needs of your products.
              The know-how of Voith with gapforming concepts, the pilot plant research they did in the Voith Technology Center in Heidenheim and the results we achieved together on past projects with Voith were the basis for our decision to order the DuoFormer CBh.
              Sjon Vrieze, Manager Technical Operations, Smurfit Kappa Roermond PM 1

              Servolution. Service at the next level

                At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


                  New shoe-blade gap former DuoFormer CBh with excellent first results at Smurfit Kappa

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