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    The process of refining fibers has a big effect on the energy balance of the production process. Refiner fillings optimally adapted to the fiber characteristics substantially increase the potential for energy and raw material savings. Voith is full line supplier in the application of fiber treatment and we support our customers with process know-how and excellent products like our Pluralis Line for refining or TheWall for dispersion.

    What makes our Pluralis so special?

      Our proven Pluralis design offers effective refining of the pulp in the stock preparation. Thanks to the special arrangement and shape of the bars, the fibers can be treated with low intensity resulting in the best product qualities.

      • Reduction in the number of refiners possible
      • High hydraulic capacity with low no load
      • Increased tear strength of the paper web
      • Less fines
      • Reduction of raw material costs by optimizing the potential of the fibers
      • Proven reduction of energy costs
      • Longer service life of the refiner fillings due to gentle refining (low-intensity refining)
      • Easy maintenance
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      Pluralis fillings reflect the latest findings contributing to homogenous and efficient fiber treatment. A clearly structured and straightforward range of fillings supports the papermaker in selecting the most suitable design for his application.
      Dr. Frank P. Meltzer, Director Technical Sales & Marketing, Mercer

      TheWall disperger filling

        Efficient fiber treatment through a unique design

        The innovative design of TheWall allows uniform distribution and feeding of the pulp. This is achieved by the rotor which is equipped with feeding vanes and the strategically arranged distribution teeth. The unique design with its partially closed tooth gaps allows operation of the filling with a gap width between 0.5 – 8.5 mm, with no untreated fibers passing the filling. TheWall also lowers energy consumption, while improving dispersion of dirt specks and stickies.

        Superior results are achieved by combining TheWall with the newly developed Voith disperger InfibraDisp and the Compact Dispersion System. In addition, the filling is available for all current Voith dispergers and selected dispergers from other manufacturers.

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        Get to know our new Pluralis Conical

          Pluralis is the best choice for the refining of fibers. It is highly effective and offers optimal fiber quality!
          Philipp Ziegler, Product Manager Fiber Treatment

          The proven design in a new shape

          Pluralis Conical completes the existing Pluralis Line. Pluralis Conical refiner fillings have all the advantages of our proven Pluralis technology and thereby produces an optimal fiber quality. These fillings were specially designed for conical refiners.

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          Pluralis Line - our product portfolio

            Pluralis Line Description Typical stock composition Recommended spec. edge load
            Pluralis SSF Super Short Fiber

            „Never dried“ short fiber pulp
            100 % short fiber pulp

            0.3 - 0.6 J/m
            Pluralis SF Short Fiber Short fiber pulp with up to 10% long fiber pulp
            (reinforcement fibers)
            0.5 - 0.8 J/m
            Pluralis IF Intermediate Fiber Pulp mixtures with up to 30% long fiber content
            Secondary fiber (short to medium fiber lengths)
            0.7 - 1.1 J/m
            Pluralis LF Long Fiber Long fiber pulp
            Secondary fiber (medium to long fiber lengths)
            1.0 - 1.6 J/m
            Pluralis AO American OCC 100 % AOCC
            Mixtures with AOCC portion > 50%
            1.0 - 1.6 J/m
            Pluralis CF Coarse Fiber Unbleached long fiber pulp
            High kappa pulp
            1.8 - 3.0 J/m


            Read our references

              Energy-efficient components in the Miltenberg PM 7

              For their stock preparation Fripa Papierfabrik Albrecht Friedrich KG uses Voith Pluralis refiner fillings.

              Interview with Hartmut Langner, Paper and Board Mill Varel

              The Varel paper and board plant has been using TheWall since May 2016. Hartmut Langner, paper production foreman at Varel, explains why the company was looking for an alternative to the previously used disperger filling and why the decision was made to go with TheWall from the Voith product portfolio.
              Read the interview


                • Pluralis Line - Saving energy with the optimal filling for every type of fiber

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                • TheWall disperger filling - Efficient fiber treatment through a unique design

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