Reeling concepts

Excellent and reliable reeling

    The purpose of the reel is to continuously wind up and store the paper produced by the paper machine while it operates at full speed. Here, it is essential that the paper is wound without defects, such as wrinkles or bursts across the paper diameter. In this process, the optical quality of the surface must not to be changed, and it is crucial that there be minimal waste in the core and at the outer layers. Another main goal is reliable turn up with a proper start of winding from the beginning.

    With the MasterReel and the Sirius, Voith has two reeling concepts that fully meet all requirements with regard to winding quality and cost-effectiveness.

    Our technology portfolio

      MasterReel – Proven solution for all paper grades

      The MasterReel is a very economical solution for the winding of all grades of paper and board. It is suitable for winding diameters up to 3,800 mm and speeds up to 1,800 m/min. The optional vertical web run allows the linear load measuring to be decoupled from the web draw. Papers with CD profile fluctuations can be wound up defect-free with the oscillating unit. Pressure and surface-sensitive papers are, therefore, wound especially well. The MasterReel offers full flexibility as a center drive can be retrofitted at any time if production is changed to another paper grade.

      Your benefits with MasterReel

      • High performance reeling and turn-up efficiency
      • Highest quality through excellent roll structure
      • Configuration of applications without compromises
      • Easy and safe operation and maintenance

      Sirius – Highest reeling performance

      The Sirius winding system winds the paper or board in a gentle and controlled fashion. It is especially suitable for large winding diameters and surface-sensitive paper.

      A key feature of Sirius is the precise and sensitive line load generation by the SensoNip control system. This creates the nip load via the SensoRoll nip load system. The growth of the roll is offset by the path-controlled movement of the full reel spool. Nip load control and reel spool movement are completely separate. The continuous center torque and the oscillating unit facilitate control of the roll build-up and winding tightness.

      The Sirius winding system is used especially with large winding diameters and surface-sensitive paper but is also suitable for practically every application at speeds of up to 2,500 m/min. It can be used with winding diameters of up to 4,600 mm and paper roll weights of up to 160 metric tons.

      Your benefits with Sirius

      • Highest performance for most demanding applications
      • Highest quality through excellent roll structure
      • Configuration of applications without compromises
      • Easy and safe operation and maintenance

      Add-ons improve your reeling performance

        EcoChange W – Low core loss and high change reliability

        The EcoChange W system provides high change quality, with a nozzle traversing speed that can be adapted to various paper characteristics. The EcoChange W consists of a machine-wide beam on which traversing high-pressure water jet nozzles are mounted. These cut the paper web, beginning in the center and moving outward. The tail-shaped web is separated using blow air and fed onto the empty reel spool. The traversing unit of the two high-pressure water jet nozzles is powered via displacement and speed-controlled servomotors. The defined traversing speed of the nozzles can be adapted exactly to the paper characteristics. The EcoChange W can be used regardless of paper strength. It is suitable for reel winders that change with opened nip (e.g., Sirius, OptiReel). Separation of the web is achieved using high-pressure water jet technology.

        Your benefits with EcoChange W

        • Highest reliability
        • Minimized core waste and highest turn-up efficiency
        • Higher reliability, easy cleaning, fast maintenance
        • Less downtime due to fast reel drum change concept

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          Engineered for success

            99.5% turn-up efficiency
            Winding diameters of up to 4,800 mm
            Paper roll weights of up to 160 metric tons
            Reel drum change in less than 4 hours
            With our reeling concepts, excellent and reliable reeling with a turn-up efficiency of up to 99.5% is guaranteed. Positive feedback and the large number of reliably running reelers – 70 Sirius and 67 MasterReels of the new generation installed since 2004 – underscore the high satisfaction of our customers.
            Matthias Wohlfahrt, Global Product Manager

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