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PSH Press Drive

Productivity and efficiency play an immensely important role in manufacturing com­panies. This is one reason why servo presses are being used more and more in forming technology. Voith's innovative PSH press drive gives you a highly flexible drive system for this type of press work. It allows you to design your motion se­quence and press force in a precise and highly flexible manner.

The power transmission in the PSH is hydraulic. Nevertheless, the system is com­pact and requires considerably less installation space than other drive systems. It operates without conventional valve and control technology. Actively controlled servo pumps generate a volume flow only when needed in the hydraulic system. This re­duces the energy consumption of your press by up to 60%.


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Technical data

Press force 500 to >10,000 kN (50 to >1,000 t)
Functional principle during quick-traverse operation Suction operation with controlled speed
Logical stroke length > 400 mm
Position-control precision 0.01 mm
Pressure-control precision ± 1 bar

Looking for a press drive with different data? We are sure to have a solution for that one as well.

Typical applications

  • Servo presses
  • Hydraulic press retrofits

Advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Actively controlled servo pump.
  • No classic valve and control technology.
  • The drive features high overall efficiency.
  • The press is highly energy-efficient.
  • Your energy costs are reduced by up to 60%, improving your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • The press produces with lower costs/piece.
  • Modular design.
  • Few components.
  • Small oil tank.
  • The press drive is simply de­signed and highly functional.
  • Installation space savings run up to 50%.
  • Integrating the drive into your press is easy and economical.
  • Suitable both for new equipment and retrofits.
  • Commissioning and training costs are low.
  • System oil volume is reduced by up to 80%.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Force/speed/position control by servo pump.
  • No classic valve technology.
  • Force, speed, and position par­am­eters can be selected freely for the press process.
  • Speed, force, position, and cycle rate can be reproduced exactly.
  • Low system complexity increases the reliability and availability of your press.
  • Your press is highly flexible and productive.
  • The quality of the parts produced is very high.
  • Significantly lower tool wear reduces operating costs.
  • Integrated process monitoring.
  • The drive system has its own diagnostics.
  • Maintenance needs can be detected extremely quickly.
  • Downtime of the press is considerably lower.
  • On-site service calls can be reduced by up to 70%.
  • Control algorithms are perfectly adapted to the hydraulics and electronics.
  • The press drive is a complete, single-source solution.
  • Startup is easy and can be done in one to two days.
  • Shorter development and startup times save you money.
  • The press drive is easy and cost-effective to integrate.

PSH Video

The hydraulic drive transforms any press into a servo press without conventional valve technology. With the PSH, press operators save up to 60% in energy costs. An intelligent control system allows highly flexible application of the press.