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Save fibers and increase edge stability

The unique edge trim concept EdgeExpert defines the web edge in the stock jet as it exits from the headbox, resulting in fiber savings and increased edge stability.

In conventional systems, the edge cut on multilayer machines usually takes place after couching, so that the mixed cut remnants can only be returned into a lower-quality circuit. By contrast, EdgeExpert is directly attached to the headbox. The fibers in the layer of higher quality can be collected before the jet impingement point and returned to the stock cycle.

In addition, a variably adjustable teflon side plate prevents wave formation at the web edges and creates a more uniform CD profile. Another feature is the adjustability in cross direction, which can be varied during ongoing production without any problem. This makes it easy to limit the headbox width and offers decisive advantages especially when producing different paper grades.

EdgeExpert can be quickly and easily mounted on both headbox sides during a regular shutdown. Furthermore, for service purposes the entire unit can be pivoted upward so as to facilitate a comfortable fabric change, for example. EdgeExpert can be mounted on nearly all modern headboxes.

Smurfit Kappa profits from EdgeExpert

„We have been using the new system for several weeks now and have already been able to save 4% of white virgin fibers in the top layer. In addition, since the installation, we have benefited from the exact seal with the forming wire, without any pulp projection. There are also no fiber deposits on the system, thanks to the well-designed nozzles, allowing us to keep a very good uptime of the paper machine."

Olivier Adt, Production manager
Smurfit Kappa PM 5, Biganos / France



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