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NDura Rotor for Flat Screen Machines

NDura Rotor for Flat Screen Machines

High performance over the whole lifetime

The Voith NDura Rotor is a high-quality, wear-protected rotor for all kinds of flat screen machines. It is characterized by its high operational reliability.

With special wear-protection layers the working edges of the NDura Rotor are protected to avoid cracks in the rotor. Thus, on the one hand the rotor lifetime can be improved and on the other hand high performance and quality of the rotor is guaranteed. Due to optimized rotor/shaft connection, maintenance costs are lower with the NDura Rotor. Furthermore, new clamping devices have improved safety and minimized damage to the rotor hub and shaft.


Voith flat screen rotors are available for all kinds of Voith flat screen machines, but also for a wide range of machines of OEMs. They are suitable for all machine sizes and can be used in combination with Voith special screen plates.