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Standard refiner fillings

Standard refiner fillings

Consistent fiber quality due to uniform refining 

With a comprehensive range of refiner fillings, Voith allows the optimal setting of formation on the paper machine. Uniform refining provides for consistent quality of the fibers.

Voith offers the right filling design to make fibers flexible, fibrillate them or shorten them. Specifically for the area of low-intensity refining, fillings are designed with a narrow knife width and high edge length. The quality consistency of the fibers due to uniform refining treatment allows optimum use of high-quality raw material components or secondary fibers for the respective end product.

Original replacement parts are available for all refining machines from Voith, Sulzer-Escher Wyss, Sulzer Papertec and Voith Sulzer.

The refiner fillings can be used in Voith SDM, Voith Paper TwinFlo refiners, Escher Wyss DRS and refiners of non-Voith machines.