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The team behind the DIWA hotline is made up of specialists from Voith Turbo working worldwide on troubleshooting, initial start-ups, and retrofits.

The DIWA hotline tasks generally include technical clarification of questions regarding the DIWA gearbox. The team supports you with determining the cause of the error and providing the correct spare part number.
If you know the part number, contact our department for spare parts orders directly.

To provide you with specific, comprehensive advice, we require from you the following information:

  • DIWA type
  • Unit part number
  • Unit serial number
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle type
  • Date of first registration

Service Training

    • General function of the DIWA gearbox
    • Electrical wiring
    • Connection in vehicle
    • Configuration of the E300 gearbox control unit
    • Oil and control schematics
    • Measurement and test capabilities
    • Working with the ALADIN gearbox diagnostics
    • Troubleshooting / fault analysis / correction
    • Vehicle diagnostics

    The target group for these training courses is the shop personnel who perform service and repair.

    Bus drive training

    Gottfried-Linke-Straße 205
    38239 Salzgitter

    Fax: +49 5341 21 1830

    Ms Sabrina Schrader (Tel.: +49 5341 21 5446) or
    Mr Sascha Koch (Tel.: +49 5341 21 4872)


      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 03/26 - 03/28/2019 Essen
      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 04/09 - 04/11/2019 Heidenheim
      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 05/07 - 05/09/2019 Magdeburg
      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 05/21 - 05/23/2019 Heidenheim
      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 09/10 - 09/12/2019 Essen
      • DIWA.6 Mode of operation / Diagnosis 09/17 - 09/19/2019 Magdeburg

      Training locations


        Alexanderstraße 2 89522 Heidenheim, Germany



        OT Hohendodeleben Am Stadtweg 7 D-39164 Wanzleben - Börde / Magdeburg



        Centrumstraße 4 45307 Essen, Germany


        Target group / number of participants

          Mechatronics technicians / electricians / electronics technicians of public transit companies and vehicle manufacturers.

          In order to ensure the best possible training success, the number of participants per training module is limited to 10 persons.
          The minimum number of participants is 5 persons.

          The assignment of places in the training course is made according to the date the applications are received.

          Course fee

            The fee for each training course per person is € 750.00. For simultaneous application of additional persons from the same company, the fee for each training course per person is reduced to € 530.00.

            All prices are non-inclusive of the current VAT.
            The course fee includes the expenses for instruction, training documents, beverages during breaks, and lunch.
            Travel and lodging expenses are not covered by Voith.


              Please send your written application by regular mail, fax, or email to:

              Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

              Gottfried-Linke-Straße 205
              D-38239 Salzgitter

              Fax: +49 5341 21 1830

              If you have any questions, please contact Ms Sabrina Lipok at +49 5341 21 5446 or Mr Sascha Koch at +49 5341 21 4872.

              You will receive a confirmation with additional information three weeks prior to the start of the training course. Should you need to cancel a registration, please inform us promptly so that we can plan accordingly.


                Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

                Mobility Service

                Alexanderstraße 2 89522 Heidenheim, Germany


                Technical Support


                t +49 7321 37-4152

                Spare Parts Orders


                t +49 7321 37-4000

                f +49 7321 37-7805


                Ms Sabrina Schrader


                t +49 5341 21-5446

                Mr Sascha Koch


                t +49 5341 21-4872

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