Service for Mechanical Turbo Gear Units,
Diaphragm Couplings, Rotor Turning Gear Units

Our experienced service experts for turbo gear units will increase your plant’s productivity!

For Your Success, the 3P’s of Philosophy: Personnel–Process–Product

As a specialist in high-performance gear units, Voith offers you an attractive service and consulting package over the service life of the product with its customer-centered 3P philosophy. This applies to the turbo gear units of all manufacturers, ensuring ongoing and consistently high productivity for the plant operator.

P for Personnel

  • Competent: The Voith service team is highly trained and has the experience required whether they are working in company workshops, in customer support or as the on-site technicians.
  • Available: With about 40 service engineers and technicians in more than 15 workshops globally, we are on site quickly.
  • Customer-oriented: "The customers' needs are our top priority!"
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P for Processes

  • Lean & quick: Stream lined paperwork, short reaction times, quick implementation - our service processes are adapted to deliver just this
  • Flexible: Different customer needs demand individual solutions which we are happy to develop with you
  • Equipped: whether it is the office staff, the workshop or our on-site team – everybody has the tools, equipment and knowledge they need to be quick and competent

P for Products

  • Custom-made: In addition to standard services, we work with you to develop service packages to meet your specific needs
  • Lifelong: From planning and commissioning, to maintenance, modernization and replacement, we offer the right services for the entire product lifecycle
  • Quality: For decades, our gear unit experts have ensured that Voith turbo gear units represent the very best quality. This expertise also assures you of top-quality service and spare parts for high-performance gear units of all manufacturers.
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Service Highlight

Emergency Repair: Damaged gear unit compressor operational
again after 10 weeks

3D CAD drawing of a BHS integral gear unit from Voith

Customer Voices:
End user: „… I would like to thank you all… for the cooperation and assistance provided during the failure repair… This was a very difficult time for everyone, and required the coordination and combined efforts of a large number of people to achieve…The competence and attitude of the … and BHS technicians coordinating the repair was highly appreciated…”

OEM: “…, so I only can share the view of the customer…I think we brought out the best of it. Thus, also from my side thanks very much for the support!”

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Our Offers

Service solutions for Turbo Gear Units, Diaphragm Couplings, Rotor Turning Gear Units

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Fast and reliable

Overhaul of a BHS turbo gear unit by a field service engineer from Voith

Drivetrain machines must run reliably! This also applies to both gearboxes and connection couplings. Besides our reliable world class maintenance, our goal in your plant is to complete overhauls and/or repair work quickly, cost-effectively, and thoroughly.

Maintenance / overhaul

With regular maintenance and the replacement of wear parts in accordance with our recommendations - proven over many years - you retain or increase the availability of your turbo gear unit. This is verified by our customer surveys. These measures, adjusted according to the age and/or operating time, supplement your routine daily and weekly monitoring activities.

Besides turbo gear units from different Voith brands, we also maintain and overhaul the turbo gear units of all well-known manufacturers.

Do your turbo gear units run without problems? Excellent! Ensure that they keep running that way with a short qualified ‘health-check’ from Voith including a risk assessment? You can then be assured that your turbo gear remains problem free for a long time. Regardless of the manufacturer, we evaluate your complete inventory of turbo gear units.

On-site repairs

We handle the following on-site:

Simple activities

  • Polishing bearings, planet gear shafts and serrations
  • Removing areas of corrosion
  • Grinding teeth off
  • Abrading bearings

Advanced activities

  • Supervision of repairs performed by qualified local partner companies
  • Re-grinding shaft diameters

Demanding activities

  • Measuring and repairing the housing (for example, re-spindling, enlarging bearing races, adapting eccentric bushes) and fabricating parts
  • Measuring the serrations, scanning the bearings / tactile survey of the bearings

Voith handles the repairs of turbo gear units for the various Voith brands and for the turbo gear units of all well-known manufacturers.

If continued operation is not possible, we will transport the gearbox as quickly as possible to the nearest Voith workshop or to our headquarters in Sonthofen, Germany. Your turbo gear unit will be productive again within a maximum of 9 to 15 weeks.

In an emergency, a qualified Voith service technician can be at your plant within 48 hours, even if you are in a remote location! Often, on-site repair enables continued operation on either a permanent or temporary basis. Our competent service technician takes the decision regarding on-site repair and does this alone or with the support of other experts from our 'Customer Support'.

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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

In the best of hands

Repair of a BHS epicyclic gear unit in the service workshop of Voith in Sonthofen

It is clear that maintenance, repair and overhaul of turbo gear units should occur on-site, wherever possible, to save time and money. However, in some cases, operational reliability aspects, or the scale of measures needed, force us to perform the continuing activities in a Voith service workshop.

Examples of this are

  • extended serration measurements
  • ultrasonic testing
  • spurting up bearing metal
  • re-grinding of tooting
  • testing the gearbox after overhaul or repair

Consequently, we maintain more than 15 Voith service workshops globally for turbo gear units or we use selected, certified and reliable partners so that the machine train with the gear box can be back in operation as quickly as possible.

Voith handles the repairs of turbo gear units for the various Voith brands and for the turbo gear units of all well-known manufacturers.

If necessary, repairs can be completed within just 9 weeks.

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Original Voith Spare Parts

Nothing fits better

Possible spare parts for a turbo gear like pinion gear , bull gear, sleeve bearings, tilting pad bearings, sealings, vibration probes, temperature sensors

The safest method by which to ensure high availability and reliability is to have an appropriate inventory of gear unit spare parts combined with regular service and maintenance as well as continuous or regular condition monitoring.

We also provide you with the most up-to-date quality and technology for the turbo gear units of other manufacturers, regardless of whether the original manufacturer is still in business. Examples of these third-party products are Allen Gears, David Brown, Flender-Graffenstaden, Formosa, Henschel, Hueber, Lufkin, Nippon, Pekrun, Philadelphia, Renk, Renk-Maag, Seisa, Triveni and Wikov.

To do this, we proceed as follows and ensure that you receive globally leading top quality:

  1. Measurement of the appropriate parts
  2. Entry of geometry data into our calculation programs
  3. Use of the data for structural modifications and designs, for example, of bearings and toothing (according to our own specifications or the best available technology)
  4. In-house fabrication with the appropriate QA specifications

With our in-house bearing test rig, we have tested and verified, in advance, the excellent real operational behavior of the bearings we use as the component crucial to performance. Contact us if you have questions.

The Voith range of spare parts includes the following:
  1. Industrial standard parts (for example, screws)
  2. Catalog parts
  3. Parts as per a drawing (for example, gear couplings, seals)
  4. Technically demanding components (for example, bearings of different design, pinion shafts and gear shafts)
  5. 1:1 replacement of entire gearboxes

We ensure simple and quick availability across a wide range with various measures such as an electronic shop, 72-hour quote guarantee and warehousing of many spare parts.

We believe that nothing can beat genuine spare parts from Voith, regardless of whether they are used on our own turbo gear units or those of a different manufacturer! And our customers confirm this. This is because we are the most experienced at a global level: over 8 decades, roughly 20 000 high-performance gearboxes have been manufactured by Voith under the brand names of Krupp, Voith, Voith-BHS, BHS-Cincinnati, BHS Getriebe or Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe. No matter how old the gearboxes are, you will always receive the most appropriate, best quality spare parts from us.

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Technical Services & Engineering

Your Expert – in any situation

A Voith engineer explaining a detail of a radial tilting pad bearing to a customer.

Today, many plant operators have less expertise than in the past with respect to secondary processes and turbomachinery because they are concentrating on their core business. As the experts for high-performance gear units and connection couplings, Voith is at your side with its large team and broad portfolio of services – always striving for high availability and reliability.

In principle, plant operators have three basic key questions about how we can help with our diagnostics, practical recommendations and solutions:

  1. "Are there already indications of an impending negative development or signs which need to be monitored?"
  2. "Can we still continue to operate the gearbox in its current state safely, is it in a critical state or just how do we need to react?"
  3. "What do I need to do or change to ensure reliable operation and high availability of the gearbox and to avoid problems in the future?"

Depending on the situation, we make use of a sophisticated set of instruments to provide quick, detailed and reliable information.

Additional services

If desired, we also offer:

  • Status monitoring with trending so you can react in good time
  • Theoretical and/or practical training sessions, for you to gain a better understanding and to acquire expertise
  • Consulting services to extend the lifetime and increase availability, for example, about stocking strategies

Do you have a need for consulting, diagnostics (measurement, evaluation, analysis, recommendation) or for some other type of expertise on gearboxes or connection couplings? Don't wait, contact us now!

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Retrofit & Modernization

Performance improvement

Discussion of a technical solution on an epicyclic gear between a Voith gear experts and the plant operator.

Do you want to increase plant production output and have the need to increase the performance of the gearbox in the drivetrain?

No problem, we have the following options for you:

  1. First, we check to see the extent to which a performance increase is possible with the existing equipment (for example, toothing quality, hardness, geometric dimensions, crack testing, bearings, materials using the performance data and various calculations based on these)
  2. If there is no scope here, we change the necessary components such as the pinion, wheel or bearing, or replace the entire Voith gearbox or the gearbox of another manufacturer. It does not matter whether original drawings are available or not
  3. If requested, we upgrade outdated technical solutions with current Voith technology (for example, low-temperature bearings, rotor turning gear unit instead of a rack or maintenance-free diaphragm coupling rather than a gear coupling or disk coupling)

If you have an installed fleet with several identical gearboxes in one or more plants, we can offer you a solution that guarantees the lowest possible downtime. Contact us!

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Service Agreements

Assurance - Signed and Sealed

Signing of a service contract with Voith Turbo BHS Getriebe GmbH.

Some plant operators seek to ensure a predetermined level of reliability, availability, reaction time or range of services from the gearbox manufacturer or gearbox service provider.

With our network of service workshops spanning the globe, a qualified team of centralized and decentralized experts, as well as the security of a company based in Germany, we are the right partner of choice for you.

If you are interested in one or more of the following services, contact us:

  • Extended warranty (following commissioning, repairs, overhaul)
  • Maintenance contract for time intervals or condition-related (single gearbox, all gearboxes in a plant, a worldwide fleet)
  • Asset Life Cycle Management (The investment decision becomes simpler once it is clear how life cycle costs (LCC) can be reduced to a minimum with the inclusion of availability, safety, efficiency and sustainability)
  • Assured operational performance and properties (for example, availability, reliability, power loss, oil temperature, oil demand, noise level)

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