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Renewable energy for Africa with hydropower

Hydropower for sustainable development

    In many parts of Africa, an insufficient supply of electricity hampers economic and social development. As a sustainable source of energy, hydropower can make a significant contribution to changing this situation.

    The potential of hydropower in Africa is enormous - yet less than 10% of the estimated 400 GW of capacity is currently being used. Around 645 million Africans have no access to electricity.

    On a continent as large as Africa, with its many countries and forms of government, its various ethnicities and tribes that speak more than 2000 languages, its diverse infrastructure, its different climate zones and landscapes, the generation and effective distribution of electricity is a challenge.

    The use of hydropower, which was once a major driver of industrialisation in Europe and North America, can now also be seen as a good example in Africa: successfully constructed and operated plants already show how hydropower has transformed the economy and life in Africa and have established a fixed place in the energy mix of many countries.

    Energy is the engine of Africa's industrialisation. With the enormous hydropower potential of more than 350 gigawatts, we want to accelerate our continent's path to green growth.
    Amadou Hott, Vice President of the African Development Bank
    percent of hydropower potential on the African continent is so far untapped

    Portfolio: How we shape the use of hydropower in Africa

      Voith manages hydropower projects throughout Africa, thus supporting the economic growth and social improvement of the region. To promote the use of hydropower, flexibility in financing, competence and commitment are essential.

      In close collaboration with leading financial institutions and insurers, we make it possible for our African customers to spread the costs of constructing or rehabilitating hydropower plants over a realistic period of time.

      Together with our customers, we work on the development of ultra-modern systems, the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure and, last but not least, on the transfer of knowledge. Our experts in Heidenheim, Germany, and around the world not only provide the necessary equipment. Local partners and employees are on site to support our customers during the project. This also includes ensuring the transfer of knowledge: we train future experts locally on how to operate plants.

      Integrative and sustainable

      Successful with local partnerships

      • STRATEGY & PLANNING: We support you in the project development and financing
      • EQUIPMENT & START OF OPERATION: We supply high-quality equipment and increase the efficiency of plants
      • OPERATION & SERVICE: We train employees locally and pass on our knowledge to local communities

      90 Years of Voith Hydro in Africa

      For more than 90 years, Voith has successfully accompanied the construction and modernisation of hydropower plants on the African continent. Voith experts have successfully implemented projects in more than 25 countries - in close collaboration with local partners. About 25 percent of the currently installed turbine capacity in Africa has been supplied by Voith.

      Voith’s commitment to Africa is fully engrained in its DNA and has been a reliable part of hydropower in Africa since the 1960s. We fulfill our promises and commitments throughout the entire project lifecycle, from joint planning and project development to safe ongoing operation and maintenance.
      Markus Kaufmann, Head of Sales & Proposal - Africa, Voith Hydro
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        MW of capacity installed by Voith Hydro. This corresponds to about 25% of the total hydropower volume on the continent
        African countries with successful projects
        Million Africans benefit from electricity produced with Voith technology
        Years of experience as a local partner on the African continent

        Voith Hydro Projects in Africa

          Successfully constructed, modernised and operated plants are examples of the positive impact that hydropower projects can have. Every single Voith Hydro project in Africa tells a story of change and development.

          The good thing about Voith? It’s a customer-oriented company. Voith talks to you as the owner and says: What can we do to make your life easier?
          Emmanuel Lawrence, Deputy Project Manager, Mount Coffee
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