Voith in Addis Ababa

Voith in Addis Ababa

Voith in Addis Ababa

    Voith in Addis Ababa

    Voith Hydro East Africa was established in 2018 and is responsible for coordinating hydropower projects in nine countries in the east of the Africa continent – focusing on business development, sales and technical services for hydropower plants. There is still an enormous untapped potential for clean and sustainable hydropower generation in Africa, and Voith has been actively supporting its development since the 1940s. We reinforced our commitment through the opening of a regional hub in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia has a thriving hydropower industry, as well as high-level experience in the sector. The Voith Hydro team is now much closer to all its regional customers that can be reached in just a few hours by direct flights.

    Our range of services cover:

    • Contact for governmental organizations, developers, consultants and general contractors
    • Consulting and supporting large and small hydropower projects
    • Optimizing the Voith Hydro offering by incorporating local requirements like:
      • Local supply chain
      • Regional optimized supply of Voith Hydro products
      • Technology transfer
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Building and maintaining client relationships

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      Voith Hydro East Africa Consultancy PLC

      Zouleka L.G.K. Building,
      Bole Sub-city Woreda 03,
      House No 2160, 6th floor,
      1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


      t +251 9025 71521