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Voith HydroSchool is paving the way for a new, knowledge-based future for customers and partners

    HydroSchool delivers training solutions for all hydropower-related topics, thus, bridging the gap between technology and industry experience. It provides an exchange of knowledge for the individual training needs of our customers and partners. Participants benefit from Voith’s long-term experience in the hydropower industry.

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    Our training offers include Public Courses – plant independent training open to the general public – and dedicated training or training programs tailored to specific customer needs. Training takes place online or at a Voith location and/or on the customer's site, including theoretical and practical components that can be extended to several weeks within training programs. Our dedicated courses are divided into modules so you can easily and individually combine them to achieve your personal training goals.

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    Public Courses

    Discover our wide range of Public Courses, open to the general public. Public Courses are conducted as classroom training and will take place at one of our Voith training locations or online.

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    Dedicated training

    Our growing portfolio of dedicated training is designed to meet your specific learning needs. The courses and curricula are conducted as classroom training with optional practical parts and will take place online and/or at one of our Voith training locations and/or on site at your facility. Our dedicated training is comprised of an array of topics and modules that can be easily and individually combined to achive your personal training goals. 


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    Voith HydroSchool
    Maintenance Expert

    ​To achieve a high availability, it is necessary that maintenance tasks are performed duly by qualified staff. The Hydropower Maintenance Expert curriculum, therefore, focuses on the specific training needs of hydropower maintenance experts.

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    Individual training programs

    We offer customized training programs including classroom training, practical training and apprenticeship programs or mentoring courses. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your individual training solution.

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    Next level of HydroSchool

    HydroSchool offers online training . With various topics and different subject matter experts, knowledge can be easily made accessible – wherever you are.

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    The most effective training methods within HydroSchool

      Classroom training

      Classroom training is conducted virtually or in person by a trainer utilizing a detailed training plan. In a face-to-face setting, we ensure excellent knowledge transfer from our experts to the participants. This is achieved through explaining content in detail, answering specific questions, highlighting recent case studies and using relevant examples.

      Practical training

      Practical training is a method that contains hands-on technical training at a Voith production site or at the customer’s site. Thanks to training under real conditions, participants have the opportunity to learn effectively.

      Apprenticeship training

      An apprenticeship training is usually given to young technical staff who are trained by several experts for a longer period of time. As trainers can pass on their knowledge, this training type is especially preferred by our trainers.

      Mentoring training

      Mentoring involves a consultant or supervisor guiding the technical staff member for a certain period of time. The mentor is an experienced expert who offers support and gives feedback on the tasks and processes performed by the trainees.

      HydroSchool success stories around the world

        HydroSchool Workshop, York, NA
        • Topic: Voith Hydro Training Workshop
        • Scope: Efficiency, modernization and digitalization 
        • Duration: 3 days
        • Place: York, Pennsylvania, North America
        • Date: November 2019
        • Language: English
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        • Topic: Individual virtual classroom training
        • Scope: Turbine, hydraulic governor, generator and electronic equipment, excitation system, plant protection, digital governors
        • Location: Monrovia, Liberia -  Online-Training 
        • Date: November 2020
        • Customer: Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) in cooperation with Hydro Operation International (HOI)
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        • Topic: Hydraulic turbines
        • Scope: Operational principles and types of hydraulic turbines – hydraulic design: model test – cavitation in turbines – general design criteria and materials – design and operation of key components – manufacturing processes, quality control and assembly sequence – commissioning – modernization – inspection, maintenance, monitoring and diagnosis
        • Duration: 5 training days
        • Place: Medellín, Colombia
        • Date: April 2018
        • Language: Portugues and spanish
        • Topic: Basic training
        • Scope: Basic concepts applied to hydroelectric plants and systems
        • Duration:10 training days (5 days per module)
        • Place: São Paulo, Brazil
        • Date: June 2018
        • Customer: ENEL
        • Topic: Measurements and vibration analysis in hydrogenerators
        • Scope: Main concepts regarding the performance of measurements of vibration and post-processing of the collected data
        • Duration: 3 training days
        • Place: São Paulo, Brazil
        • Date: April 2018
        • Customer: Several customers
        • Topic: Operation and maintenance of synchronous condenser and their auxiliaries
        • Scope: Types of synchronous condenser – electrical auxiliary services – excitement and protection – automation and monitoring and monitoring: mechanical aid
        • Duration: 5 training days
        • Place: Rurópolis, Brazil
        • Date: January 2019
        • Language: Portogues
        • Customer: Equatorial / Synchronous Condenser Rurópolis and Tapajós
        • Topic: Hydropower train the trainer
        • Scope: Design, operation and maintenance
        • Duration: 5 training days
        • Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
        • Topic: Hydropower train the trainer
        • Scope: ten modules
        • Duration: 49 training days
        • Place: Heidenheim, Germany
        • Date: July to November 2018
        • Customer: Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority / Mangla
        • Topic: Plant-Specific SCADA training
        • Duration: 2 x 7 training days
        • Place: Heidenheim, Germany
        • Date: April and July 2018
        • Language: France
        • Customer: Société Nationale d’Électricité / INGA
        • Topic: Operation, maintenance and engineering
        • Scope: 17 courses
        • Duration: 203 training days
        • Place: Ingula, South Africa
        • Customer: Eskom Holding / Ingula

        The Subject Matter Experts at Voith make the difference, as they are our trainers

          You can rely on the extensive knowledge of our subject matter experts by joining Voith’s HydroSchool. Our trainers are Voith engineers, product and plant experts, maintenance and operation specialists, and members of the management with a passion to share knowledge.


          For me, the training was a success, when at the end of the training, the customer feels that he has been ‘taken away’ and has developed or deepened an understanding of the product or technology.
          Ronny Sarodnik, Head of Digital Controls and Trainer at Voith HydroSchool

          Meet some of our trainers in the following video and hear about their drive for teaching.

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