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You are studying at the postgraduate level or finishing your undergraduate degree? As a university or college student at Voith, you can gain on-the-job experience to round out your academic studies. Benefit from the opportunity to network and improve your career prospects.

Voith Student
As a student, it is important to explore new frontiers every day. This way, you can expand your knowledge and learn new technologies to grow steadily.
Leonhard Deuter, Dual student of computer science with focus on industrial automation, Voith Group
Internships at Voith Thesis opportunities

Why join Voith while you’re studying?

    As a leading innovator in engineering and technology with 20,000 employees, Voith offers opportunities in 3 group divisions, 5 markets, and over 60 countries.

    Apprentices, students, interns give insights into the working environment and career opportunities at Voith.

    Join us, and help us make the world greener, smarter and more sustainable.




    Voith apprentice with hirth serration in engineering
    Your benefits at Voith

    • Contribute to projects and cutting-edge products that matter
    • Gain valuable work experience at a quality-first company that emphasizes global perspectives
    • Collaborate with cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary teams
    • Benefit from supportive mentoring
    • Grow your skills and add qualifications

    openings for students at voith
    Voith intern measuring a cardan shaft
    A great place for students

    • A chance to shine and show off your skills
    • Benefit from Voith’s excellent reputation as a global corporation that holds excellent market positions
    • The welcoming culture of a family-owned company that drives innovation and ground-breaking technologies
    • An opportunity to explore the potential for later employment

    Career opportunities Ask questions

    What we look for in student candidates

      If you share our passion for technology and innovation and want to contribute to creating a better tomorrow, one of our openings may be perfect for you.

      We would love to hear from you, if you…

      • are currently studying at postgraduate level or finishing an undergraduate degree
      • are a registered student
      • are curious and ambitious
      • are open, reliable and respectful in your interactions with others
      • challenge yourselves and work independently
      • strive for personal and professional growth

      Hydropower Kaplan Turbine - Voith Hydro's minimum-gap turbine runner technology
      …and thanks for all the fish: The Kaplan turbine at in Washington State’s Wanapum Dam uses Voith Hydro's minimum-gap turbine runner technology increasing fish survival rate to 97 percent.
      Jobs at Voith Hydro Jobs at Voith Paper Jobs at Voith Turbo

      Your opportunities

        Work on global challenges makes an impact. Help us make the energy that powers homes and businesses greener. Share ideas that ensure buses, trains, ships, transport that moves people and goods are safe, reliable and more efficient. Or, be a part of turning the world of paper around us – from banknotes in India to tissues in China to the cups for your morning coffee to go – more sustainable. Join us.

        Voith trainees in the Voith Training Center
        Two interns working at Voith
        Explore the world of technology as an intern

        We offer internships of three to six months to registered students. Our interns work in areas such as research and development, design and construction, manufacturing, IT administration and applications, technical sales projecting, commissioning and all business departments. Ideally, you should apply three or four months before you want to start. That said, we do frequently need interns on short notice - so, give us a try. Basic and preparatory internships are available at Voith locations in Heidenheim, Crailsheim or Munich (Garching) in Germany. For this type of internship, please apply to our Voith HR department.
        Contact us for a basic and preparatory internship.

        Contact us Internships at Voith
        Students reading books in a library
        Write your final thesis or PhD paper

        Openings for thesis students are usually related to current projects in areas such as research and development, controlling, purchasing or supply chain. Our PhD candidates, on the other hand, primarily focus on areas such as mechanical engineering, process technology, automation technology, paper technology or physical technology.

        Final-thesis opportunities
        Students reading books in a library
        Gain real-world experience as a working student

        As a working student at Voith, you put theory into practice while continuing your studies. Earn money with a job that provides valuable job experience in your field of study and gets you closer to your chosen career.

        Working-student jobs
        Go Voith Internship Program for South America

        The Go Voith Internship Program for South America values skills, abilities and attitudes. It stimulates learning through activities and practical work, within a dynamic that facilitates and favors macro understanding and a systemic view of all the processes involved in the administration and management of a large company. Registrations for the next opening will be closed on February 1st, 2021.

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        Dual Studies: theory meets practice

          The German education system offers a highly successful and popular study-work program called dual studies. As a dual student, you combine theoretical training at a cooperating university with hands-on work experience during non-lecture periods.

          What you need to apply for a dual-study position

          • A high school diplome equivalent to higher-education entrance qualification in the country where you are applying
          • A certificate of higher language skills in the official language of the country where you are applying

          Voith offers two dual-study programs – a three-year training course with a Bachelor’s degree, as well as the four-year Ulm Model. Ulm Model students complete their training with two vocational certificates, i.e. a university degree and an official job qualification. Dual students at Voith earn a salary, and they can join exciting projects in China, Brazil, the USA or European countries.


          Dual-study opportunities at Voith
          Engineering trainees in a workshop at Voith in São Paulo
          Voith has exported the successful work-study approach to its sites in São Paulo, Brazil, and Kunshan, China. Here, Voith offers dual-study traineeships and apprenticeships.

          Voith is an award-winning employer

            Trendence<BR>Graduate Barometer Top 100
            Graduate Barometer Top 100
            all awards
            “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter)<BR>​We have committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the business world.
            “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter)
            We have committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the business world.
            Fair Company<BR>For Fair Working Conditions
            Fair Company
            For Fair Working Conditions

            Meet students at Voith

              At Voith, you can develop your career in a fast-paced and innovative environment. The career trajectory of each of our employees is unique – our tailored career-development programs support you in becoming the best you can be.

              International Business

              The degree program also gives students the option of spending one or more semesters abroad, which is a great opportunity for me personally!
              Sophia Hirsch, Dual Student, Business Administration – International Business

              Why did you choose to start a DHBW degree program at Voith?

              The advantage of doing a DHBW program instead of studying at a normal university is the alternation between three-month practical experience phases and theoretical phases. This gives me the opportunity of gaining practical, on-the-job experience in addition to the courses I take at DHBW. I chose Voith as my dual studies partner because, as one of the largest technology companies in the region, it affords me many exciting opportunities to look behind the curtain. I also think the company's international reach is very impressive.

              Why did you choose this particular degree program?

              My degree program is called Business Administration — International Business. One part of the program's curriculum covers subjects such as economics, business administration and marketing. The other part comprises subjects like "Principles of International Business" and "Intercultural Competences." This means the material is very multifaceted and rich in variety. The degree program also gives students the option of spending one or more semesters abroad, which is a great opportunity for me personally!

              What skills or attributes should someone have if they are interested in this program?

              Since 50% of the lectures are held in English, students should have a good level of English. Of course, perfect "Oxford English" is not required. From my own experience, I can say that you will get the hang of it and that your language skills will improve quickly over the course of your studies. Since the program has a large international component, you should also be open-minded and interested in other cultures and people from other parts of the world.

              What was it like for you to start at Voith?

              During the orientation week at Voith, all the dual-track students got to know each other initially. We were all a bit nervous at first, of course, but we soon realized that we had no reason to be. The atmosphere was easygoing and pleasant. I was also given a very warm welcome in my first department, and whenever I had questions, my mentor was always ready to help me.

              To which departments have you been assigned so far, and what have your tasks been?

              I spent my first practical phase in the "Diversity & Inclusion" division, a subdivision of the Human Resources (HR) department. My tasks in that department were mostly related to projects. For example, I was allowed to help plan the German Diversity Day 2020 that we celebrate at Voith.

              What would you like to do after completing your degree?

              Since I am in my first semester right now, I don't have any concrete plans for what I will do after getting my degree. We are expected to choose an area of specialty starting with our 5th semester. And after completing my bachelor's degree, there is also the possibility of doing a part-time master's degree program while working at Voith. I will ask other Voith students for their advice to help me figure that out because you can always compare notes with the other students you get to know while working at Voith.

              PAPER TECHNOLOGY

              Before I began my studies, I was not aware that there are more than 3000 types of paper. And most of them are part of our daily lives – take toilet paper for example.
              Karim Haikal, Dual Student Paper Technology

              What fascinates you the most about your studies?

              Before I began my studies, I was not aware that there are more than 3000 types of paper. And most of them are part of our daily lives – take toilet paper for example.

              Throughout the Bachelor of Engineering in Paper Technology, we learn about the entire paper manufacturing process as well as the machinery involved. Just to get an understanding of how complex this process is, these machines can be several hundred meters long, have more integrated circuits than an airplane and work at speeds of up to 120 km/h. But beyond looking at where the industry is now and the current state of the art, the study program also delves into what is awaiting us in the future. I can’t describe how exciting it is!

              Why did you choose to start your career at Voith as part of a dual studies program?

              The idea of gaining hands-on experience while completing my studies has always appealed to me, so it was an easy decision to make. It was by chance that I stumbled upon Voith, a family-owned company that impressed me with its employee-friendly, forward-thinking profile. Voith also operates in a sustainable, environmentally positive way that to me is very important. Because of the company’s international focus, we also have the opportunity to gain experience abroad, an unmistakable advantage in today's globalized world.

              What have you enjoyed the most during your studies so far?

              The best experience I’ve had during my studies was a trip to Brazil where I was able to work directly on a machine. It allowed me not only to observe the machine from a theoretical standpoint, but to experience the machine at work and above all in real time. My stay in Brazil was an important step forward as it allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

              How is the study-work program structured and what have been your tasks to date?

              The dual studies program is constructed in blocks. We spend around three months at the Duale Hochschule in Karlsruhe where the students studying paper technology spend their time at the Paper Center in Gernsbach. The following three months are spent in-company. During the theoretical block in the first year of study, we take core subjects such as math, introduction to electrical engineering and communication. The first practical blocks are primarily spent writing a report on our tasks as well as getting to know other areas that are not included in the course, or accompanying colleagues on customer visits. In the second and third years, the theoretical blocks deal with the processes of paper manufacturing from the production of pulp to finishing. During the practical blocks we take on projects assigned to us by our company. Only the scope of the project is defined – for the rest, the sky is the limit! To wrap things up, we write a bachelor thesis, which is often done within the same department that we will be employed in.

              Find out more about Karim Haikal and the dual studies in Gernsbach!


              Mechanical Engineering

              The object of the project was to design and technically implement a mobile manipulator (robot) which was capable of throwing ten wooden cubes as quickly as possible through two openings into a 'house' within ten minutes.
              Marvin Droste, Lukas Saur and Stefan Woehrle, who are taking their dual degree course at the DHBW Heidenheim with Voith.

              On your marks, get set, go! – Voith students dominate in DHBW competition

              As part of their studies, students in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Duale Hochschule (Cooperative State University) this year worked on a rather different project. The object of the project was to design and technically implement a mobile manipulator (robot) which was capable of throwing ten wooden cubes as quickly as possible through two openings into a “house” within ten minutes.

              Marvin Droste, Lukas Saur and Stefan Wöhrle, who are taking their dual degree course at the DHBW Heidenheim with Voith, worked on the project in three different groups and subsequently competed against further groups in an internal competition organized by the Duale Hochschule.

              Highlights of the course

              For 25-year-old Stefan Woehrle, who had already completed a Technical Draughtsman’s course at Voith with great success in 2013, it quickly became clear that he also wanted to complete his studies at Voith. Marvin Droste and Lukas Saur found it very attractive that, as a future-oriented employer, Voith combines the course of studies at the DHBW in Heidenheim and the job in one place. In the meantime, the three students are already in the final stages of their studies.

              They are all pleasantly surprised by their course. The practically oriented progression of the syllabus was particularly satisfying. The highlight of the course was similar for all three: on the one hand, the staff party based on Voith’s 150-year anniversary was particularly inspiring and, on the other, the semester abroad at one of the Voith sites was a very special experience for each of them.

              22-year-old Marvin spent one practical semester from January to March in the USA at Voith Hydro in York. As well as his activities in the Structural Mechanics Department, where he mainly carried out finite element (FE) calculations, Marvin used the weekends to get to know the country and the culture.

              On the other hand, 21-year-old Lukas spent one stay abroad in Sweden at Voith Paper Fabrics from April to September. He too had a fascinating experience and came back with many good impressions.

              Voith students dominate in DHBW competition

              The idea for the robot design came not from the students themselves but from their professors at the Duale Hochschule. It was then down to the teams of students to carry out the development and the technical implementation. There were only a few conditions.

              The aim of the project was for the students to be able to implement the knowledge obtained on completion of the course. In doing so, the students had to keep an eye on quality management, project management and, above all, time management. The teams sought out sponsors in order to give themselves more options for the design and manufacture. Voith also provided financial support for the project.

              Once the CAD design had been completed, all parts ordered or produced in-house, and the prototype manufactured, a final presentation was made and the deciding competition held. It soon became clear which team had developed the best technology. Stefan Wöhrle won the competition with his team. Congratulations!

              Marvin and Lukas were also leading the field. At the end of the day, they can all be very proud to have completed the project so successfully.



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