Peixe Angical

Peixe Angical, Brazil

Located on the Tocantins River and connected to the North-South Interconnexion

The Peixe Angical project is located on the Tocantins River, and is connected to the North-South Interconnexion for power supply within Brazil.

Voith supplied three Kaplan turbine generators - the largest of their kind to be manufactured in the Brazilian location with a total installed power of 452 MW.

At 880 cubic meters per second the water runs through Peixe Angical’s turbines generating enough electricity to provide four million people. In order to guarantee a safe operation of the plant, Voith equipped Peixe Angical with a monitoring system. By detecting vibration instabilities, analyzing the machine’s behavior and - if needed - activating appropriate safety alarms, the system is able to secure and optimize the operation of all three machine sets.

Monitoring, data acquisition and analysis is performed

  • for all mechanical vibrations of the shaft, the bearings and major stationary parts,
  • for radial and tangential vibration of the generator end windings,
  • for the air gap between the generator rotor and stator,
  • for partial discharge at three phases,
  • for the clearance between the four runner blades and the discharge ring.

Hydropower plants have a very long life cycle, so reliability of the chosen system and the offered service are of utmost importance. Therefore, we practically implement the entire Voith Hydro system.
Lino Ossami Yassuda of Enerpeixe S.A.