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    Numerous well-engineered auxiliary systems are required to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of hydropower plants.

    Voith is a full-line supplier providing entire solutions from one source for hydropower plants – including engineering, design and supply of mechanical and electrical systems and equipment, as well as hydraulic steel structures.

    All components and systems are integrated seamless into overall plant concepts and designs. Our engineers are highly competent in all domains, and we use our worldwide extensive experience from project execution to develop optimized solutions for all project-specific requirements.

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    The benefits making the difference

    • 150 years of experience
    • Integration into all existing systems
    • Reduced interfaces
    • Modular design concepts
    • Hundreds of references

    Balance of Plant electrical systems

      The main task of the BoP-e is to supply the electrical energy from the generator out of the powerhouse into the electrical grid. This power train consists of medium voltage connections, switchgears and step-up transformers to match to the grid. High-voltage switchgears are the interface point between power plant and grid.


      In addition, numerous electrical energy systems and components are an integral part of the station supply of hydropower plants. The operation of a power plant requires electrical energy, e.g., to run motor-driven equipment like cooling or drainage pumps, cranes and electrical drives of valves.

      The optimization of the electrical energy consumption of a power plant and the reduction of electrical losses are subject to our engineering with respect to plant operation and plant efficiency.

      Balance of Plant electrical systems include:

      • Generator lead / power train
      • Static frequency converter
      • Variable speed equipment / AC excitation
      • MV switchgears and station supply
      • GSU transformers
      • HV substations / switchyards
      • Other services

      Balance of Plant mechanical systems

        BoP-m comprises all the mechanical systems and equipment necessary for the continuous reliable and safe operation as well as for service and maintenance of the power plant. Integrated and harmonized design concepts, thorough and perfect design of  the different systems and expertise along the value creation chain ensure the adequate function.


        The mechanical auxiliary systems cover the following categories:

        • Water systems
        • Air systems
        • Fire extinguishing systems
        • Lifting and handling equipment
        • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

        Hydraulic steel structure

          Hydraulic steel structures are designed for flow regulation, distribution and isolation (e.g., for maintenance) and are directly embedded in the waterways. Dam and powerhouse safety, flood regulation and ecological flow distribution depends on the fail-safe design and the reliability of hydraulic steel structures.


          Hydraulic steel structures comprise the following areas:

          • Dam and diversion equipment
          • Intake equipment
          • Waterways
          • Downstream / draft tube equipment

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