Three Gorges, China

Three Gorges, China

The largest hydropower plant in the world

The hydropower plant at the Three Gorges Dam in China is the largest in the world.

At the turn of the millennium, Voith delivered six sets of machines there, each of 700 megawatt capacity. The first machine Voith delivered was commissioned in 2004. The individual components for this project were developed and produced in Brazil, Germany and China. The implementation of the Three Gorges project was a masterpiece of organization. A total of 20 000 persons worked on the mammoth building.

Voith and its consortium partners are all manufacturers of large hydropower stations. None of the companies alone were able to fit out a power station of this magnitude. The total capacity of the hydroelectric plant on the Yangtze River will be more than 22 000 megawatts when it is completed. It can generate enough electricity for 100 million people. In addition to power generation, the dam improves the flood protection and navigability of the Yangtze River.