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Audit provides reliable basis for planning rebuild

Increased production, improved paper quality, lower costs
During the audit, Thomas Bock's team jointly developed an optimal concept with Voith that fulfilled RDM's requirements regarding the rebuild.

2017-06-13 - The Arnsberg board manufacturer RDM has used an audit with Voith to develop measures to improve its production performance for its BM 3. After their implementation the company has not only profited from improvements in quality but also from an increase in capacity.

"We have exceeded our objective." Thomas Bock, CEO of the RDM Group.
“I just wanted to let you know that the BM 3 in Arnsberg has been producing since 6:50 pm. This means that we have more than achieved our goal." This is what Thomas Bock, Managing Director of the RDM Group, wrote in an email to thank Voith's project team. Voith completed the extensive rebuild of the board machine one day before the agreed date, which allowed RDM to restart production earlier than planned. The paper manufacturer wanted to increase capacity and at the same time rise its paper quality with this modernization. A crucial factor in the success of the project was an extensive audit conducted jointly by Voith and RDM beforehand.

Voith supported RDM in the process by defining the objectives. The components, performance and production quality of the BM 3 were analyzed in detail. Based on these results Voith employees in the Pre-Engineering Department developed three alternative concepts for the rebuild. Voith drew on the expertise it has gained from 150 years of project development and implementation.

Subsequently, the two companies looked at all three concepts in respect of prices, formation and profile qualities. This close collaboration made it easier for Voith to take the individual customer requests into account. Over time a rebuild package was defined, which fulfilled all of RDM's requirements and defined clear responsibilities.

“The best project execution that I have experienced in Arnsberg in the last 37 years,"
Joachim Corthum, RDM Production Manager.
The process audit in Arnsberg showed how solutions can be developed for and with the customer. Setting clear definitions for the project made it possible to fine-tune all the required measures already at an early stage, and the actual rebuild phase went relatively smoothly. Furthermore, the audit gave RDM planning safety since Voith guaranteed it would stay on budget and on schedule. Voith also assisted its client with financing.

A good mix of quality, capacity and financial aspects was sought in the determination of investment requirements. It was important for the partners to minimize process fluctuations from the approach system than the associated costs. The measures also included using as many parts as possible from the BM 3 for the rebuild. For this reason both sides determined which components could logically be reused. Cost optimization is also a result of the audit and justified the investment at the project start.

The rebuild not only resulted in a reduction in production costs. Just four months after startup the productivity of the machine increased by three percent. In addition, fiber savings could be made and the higher degree of dewatering is helping to improve paper quality. "It was the best project implementation I have witnessed in Arnsberg in the past 37 years," RDM Head of Manufacturing Joachim Corthum also confirmed. Having production restart earlier than scheduled due to the well-planned collaboration of all parties during the planning and rebuild phases has also prompted RDM to get Voith on board for further service projects.