Voith products and services for freight and passenger rail transport provide greatest efficiency and highest comfort to users and operators<BR>

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    Our products for rail transport help you keep up with the times. Greater efficiency through higher speeds, greater comfort and exceptional reliability. Freight and passenger trains around the world operate with our products, components and systems. Rails make the connections - we provide the technology.

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    Light rails and trams

    Voith systems and components for light rail and trams application on Tramway Bursa Ray II

    Reliable down to the minute

    In metropolitan areas people are continually on the go. And in a hurry. Appointments, private or business, set the pace. Light rail vehicles are reliable and increasingly replace cars as the means of transportation. With modern technology, they provide reliability down to the minute. At the same time, many trips mean high loads. Our systems and components ensure maximum reliability and comfort. So that everyone arrives safely and on time. At each stop.

    Voith products for light rail vehicles


    Scharfenberg components on a Metro from Metrolinx operator driving in Toronto

    Moving faster over the entire route

    Everyone is familiar with them. And everyone has also used them at some time. The metros in the world's major cities. They are fast, reliable and economical. Even when they are crowded with passengers. We do whatever is possible to make them one of the most attractive means of transportation. Our components and systems offer convincing performance in terms of reliability and quiet operation. Low wheel and rail wear saves costs and nerves. Over the entire route.

    Voith products for metros


    Cooling system and Scharfenberg coupler on a monorail type Innovia 300 from Bombardier driving in Sao Paulo

    Facilitate travel in metropolitan areas

    Innercity mobility depends on the amount of space available. And space is in short supply in megacities such as Mumbai or São Paulo. Modern monorail systems can help overcome such obstacles. They travel along their own right-of-way over streets and buildings, supported on pylons. We supply components and systems to make this possible. And as safe as possible. Millions of people reach their destinations safely and reliably in this way - even if it's a tight squeeze.

    Voith Products for Monorails

    High-speed trains

    Front End System and Scharfenberg Coupler on high-speed train type ICE 4 from Siemens driving in Germany

    High-tech at its best

    High-speed trains represent the pinnacle of technology. In many countries, they have become the most highly promoted concept for the future. Speeds of up to 400 km/h are already being achieved today. This makes them a practical alternative to airplanes. We supply important components in the areas of couplings, safety and drives. And we advance development. To ensure that what is possible becomes reality.

    Voith Products for High-speed trains


    Rail drive system, final drives and universal joint shaft on a diesel-hydraulic railcar from Pesa driving in the Ukraine

    At home over long distances

    Railcars connect cities quickly and safely. They reach high speeds and last for millions of kilometers. We develop and supply components and systems that ensure the safety, reliability and durability of these vehicles. So that passengers arrive at their destination in the city safely. And then return home again safely as well.

    Voith products for railcars


    Multipurpose diesel hydraulic locomotive D 180 BB from Gmeinder Lokomotivenfabrik GmbH driving for Hanover Municipal Ports

    Examples of maximum reliability

    Locomotives must be reliable, above all. At up to 60,000 hours of operation without a general overhaul, the requirements for vehicles and components are especially demanding. Our proven components ensure reliability. Functionality and high availability are guaranteed. So that nothing will stand in the way of maximum performance.

    Voith products for locomotives

    Special purpose vehicles

    Turbotransmission, Gear Unit and Cardan Shafts on a special purpose rail vehicle built by Plasser und Theurer driving for Deutsche Bahn Netz AG

    A solution for every task

    The rail industry has many different utility and special vehicles. For instance, ballast cleaners, tampers and measuring vehicles. Or self-propelled railway cranes and track vehicles. In fact, operation of the entire rail system depends on use of these vehicles. As a specialist with extensive know-how, we offer components and systems that provide reliability power and economy. In order to ensure that the rail system continues to operate no matter what the circumstances.

    Voith products for special purpose vehicles

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      With a various range of services for rail components we are the right partner for you. Our long-term experience enables us to make your business our business. So you can focus on your core competence while we are doing the rest.

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      Our service is customized to your requirements. With our individual service solutions for rail components we meet your needs. As a customer, you benefit from our international service network and technical support hotline.
      We support you. Anytime. Anywhere.

      Automatic coupling in freight service

        The Scharfenberg® coupler developed over 100 years ago still provides fast and easy coupling and uncoupling today. Voith is taking coupling to the next level by transferring the proven Scharfenberg operating principle to the freight train.

        Our customers about Voith

          The tram Bernmobil equipped with a transmission exchange unit drives through the snowy landscape of Switzerland<BR>
          Thanks to the close co-operation with Voith we were able to carry out the refurbishment of our transmissions without any trouble. The exchange unit saved us downtimes of six to eight weeks, as well as a huge amount of coordination work
          Manager Tram, Bernmobil, Switzerland.